5 Maintenance Practices For Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring is one of the oldest materials that are still gaining popularity in the flooring installation services TX. With its beautiful and authentic appearance, a wood floor provides a fantastic blend that brings nature indoors. Routine hardwood floor maintenance is always the best way to protect your wooden floor. Below is a summary on how to maintain a long lasting wood flooring. In case you have a large scale project, it is advisable to use a wholesale flooring TX company to cut the high cost of wooden floor.

1. Daily dusting, weekly and monthly routine

Microfiber traps and removes dust particles, pet hair and other potential household allergens. The microfiber mop pads are more effective than sweeping with a broom.
Moreover, microfibers are also safer since some broom bristles can scrub the floor surface. To defend your floor, daily dusting is a necessary task. Weekly vacuum with a soft-bristle floor-brush attachment keeps your floor dust-free. Consider dusting the floor with a microfiber mop before dusting. Avoid leaving a lot of debris on the floor when you vacuum as they can scratch the surface. Be careful of the vacuum’s wheel as they can also damage the floor surface. Damp-mop once per month using a hardwood floor cleaner mop with a microfiber head.

2. Polish your floor every 2 to 3 months if it has a surface finish

The most effective way is to follow a daily routine to keep your hardwood floors looking great and damage-free. Moreover, create a cleaning routine and stick to it. Polyurethane surface finisher seals, protects the wood beneath and give the floor a glossy shine over other. Occasional wear and tear will eventually leave visible scratches that make the surface dull. Regular polishing with a buffing pad renews and refreshes its shine, evening out and removing microscopic scratches off the floor surface.

3. Use window coverings to protect your floor from heat and UV rays

Intense UV rays can discolor hardwood. Therefore, protective window coverings such as curtains and blinds to block and protect the wood from excessive heat. Make sure your rugs and furniture moved regularly so that wood appearance will age uniformly.

4. Surface refinishing and floor hygiene

Floors with polyurethane surface finish need a maintenance coat re-applied every two years. If routine cleaning no longer restores the floors shine, it is time to recoat the surface. The wearing out will depend on the intensity of foot traffic that the floor handles. Clean up spills immediately to prevent permanent stains. When any liquid spills on your floor, damage can occur. Therefore, a quick action should be taken to wipe out the spills as soon as possible. You can use a cloth to wipe out the spill immediately. After that, you can use a microfiber pad to clean. Furthermore, do not use ammonia to clean up a spill as this may cause substantial damage to the floor. Always avoid using water and vinegar to clean spills on the flow.

5. Floor protection

Rugs serve to reduce debris and dirt on your floor. Find a better place to position your carpets in your home to appeal to your visitors, friends, and relatives to wipe their feet on them. High traffic areas like the front of the kitchen would have extra mats. Use only mats that are made specifically for hardwood floors to avoid other types of carpets such as rubber backed, and non-ventilated mat which may trap moisture and debris. Moreover, always prevent debris build up on your mat. Also, protect the floor from furniture damage.

Furniture legs, when drugged on the floors, can leave behind scratches or scuffs on the surface of the floor. Instead, use protectors under the leg of this furniture to prevent such damages. As a precaution, avoid dragging of furniture on the floor. Also, keep nails and claws of pets trimmed.

The floor is a significant complement of an inner beauty that should be protected and kept under proper maintenance for the floor to last. Proper wood floor maintenance not only holds beauty but also reduces the floor installation services cost associated with new floor or renovation. It is, therefore, the duty to every individual in the house to cooperate in maintaining floor cleanliness. In case of repair, seek the attention of the best flooring contractor to offer you a free flooring cost estimate and reliable installation.