Trending Flooring Color Options You Should Consider in 2019

Different Floor Colors

A floor is a focal point in a room. Therefore, a floor’s color scheme is a major determinant of the tone for the entire room. There are multiple colors in the flooring world that range from multiple shades to multiple tones including dark to light and two, three or multiple tones. Noteworthy, advancements in technological innovations have made the impossible possible by providing diverse colors in all flooring options. In all flooring color options, designers have created unique designs like the worn-out and aged style of flooring.

There are many creative ways to use color to inspire your home decoration. Actually, you can install the same type of flooring in a house, but install different colors in each room.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Flooring Color Options

Floor installation will last for many years, if not decades. So, choose a color that you will like for a long time and one that won’t grow out of fashion. On this note, when considering what flooring color to install, it is esential to consider your personal tastes and preferences, and your home’s décor style rather. In flooring, you cannot talk of color alone because they go hand in hand with flooring patterns.

Different Color Effects

Different colors will impact the tone of a room differently and make bold statements in that space. You can use color to make a room look bigger, warmer or lighter. Brown colors are natural and have a rustic feel. Black is quite dramatic and also gives a room a luxury effect. Light colors will create a happy and refreshing feeling in a room. Blue hues, on the other hand, have a calming and serene effect. We will show you some of the trending flooring colors, which are quite spectacular.

Trending Carpet Colors

When installing a new carpet, there are unlimited color options, styles, and patterns to inspire contractors and homeowners alike. Carpet color options are diverse and range from dark carpet colors to multicolored carpets to warm or earthy tones to name but some. Current trending style for carpets are animal prints, geometric pattern prints and knitting patterns in different colors. Another trend is towards carpet tiles which come with the added advantage of the flexibility to mix and match different colors and patterns. Designers are also opting for floral carpets.

On color matters, in the past, most homeowners chose neutral colors because carpets were like a backdrop in a space. In the recent past, however, homeowners are using carpets to make bold statements in interior decoration using bold colors like orange and purple. However, bold colors are more ideal for area rugs rather than wall to wall carpets.

We also have a lean towards earthy tones because of their serenity; burgundy, gray, taupe, green, blue and light blue. These colors will continue trending in the coming years including multicolored styles. In fact, gray has become popular not just with flooring but with doors, cabinets, and other pieces in a room. This is because gray is a neutral color that allows you to use other colors to decorate your space, it is contemporary. We also have flint grey gaining popularity.  In multicolored carpets, we also have color fading styles where designers use bold colors to create the ombre effect.

Hardwood Floor Color Options

While the trend in the last few years has been towards dark hardwood stains, light flooring is also trending because both are sharp colors. The light flooring is almost white.

Additionally, whitewashing is gaining supremacy, this is especially for customers who like to be extreme. Grey is another hot hardwood trend, although it takes quite some work to be created.

Tile Flooring Color Options

There is a lot happening in the world of tiles with designers producing out of box ideas like the trending -dimensional surfaces, floral, geometric designs and distressed looks. As such, there is a mix of styles which combine distressed, contemporary and weathered finishes. Upcoming tile color options include bronze, iron, and titanium. We also have a tile that closely resembles wood that is really trending. Color wheel tiles is another design to look out for in the future.

Laminate Floor Color Trends

Manufacturers of laminates have upped the game of designing laminates. Although in the last few years the trend was towards extreme darks and lights, other middle colors are gaining popularity. Noteworthy, gray is still popular five years from when it was a new trend because of its neutrality. Gray is a popular flooring option not just with laminates, but with other flooring options and it is continuing to take prominence in the world of interior decor. Whitewashed laminates are also on the rise. In addition to that, different shades of brown are being chosen by homeowners, including blonde, and honey. Other popular brown colors include espresso and high variation laminate. Blonde laminates are trending because they give a home decorator lots of possibilities. Honey laminate, on the other hand, is a preference among homeowners because it is a light color that gives a room a warm feeling.

Vinyl Flooring Colors

As mentioned earlier, gray has become very popular in all flooring options because it is an earthy color and neutral, therefore, a good background color. Whitewashed colors are also trending in vinyl just like in other flooring options. In addition to that, we also have different shades of brown being on demand including espresso and honey brown because they are dark and contrast well with light-colored walls and other items in a room. Whitewash vinyl also creates a contemporary look and are popular.


There are various color themes in the market place. When choosing a flooring color, it is advisable to come up with the colors of the other pieces that will feel your space too, including your ceiling board color, doors color, and cabinets. And if you feel too overwhelmed with the many choices of flooring colors, you can always seek professional help from a qualified interior decorator.

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