4 Flooring Option For Baby’s Nursery


Setting up a nursery is one of the preparations that you should do when awaiting your new baby. When it comes to the safety of your baby, you would rather be careful not to err as any simple mistake might turn out disastrous. As much as you would need a fantastic outlook of baby’s nursery, you have to consider the limits of the flooring options.

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Safety and comfort should take the center of your floor plans for a nursery. While attractive nursery flooring ideas are of significance to all parents, you should never compromise your baby’s nursery flooring safety. What is the best flooring for a nursery?  Below are some of the best flooring options for a nursery that you should consider.

1. Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is one one of the natural flooring options that bring unmatched beauty into your room space. Due to its aesthetic appeal, hardwood flooring spontaneously receives a never-relenting market demand. Moreover, the hardwood floor is smooth and easy to clean, resistant to pounding and scouring, warm to feel, and provides insulation that maintains warmth. Also, the flooring material offers the best way of underfloor heating to keep your baby unit warm.

Hardwood floor contains a natural, non-toxic sealant and is by far the best nursery flooring option as long as it is not laminated, not reclaimed and not stained. The wood provides a timeless, classy flooring that only needs refinishing when it wears out.  Also, it is smooth and easy to clean the surface of the flooring because it does not trap dust and allergens. Thus making it one of the best hypoallergenic nursery flooring. To reduce the hardness of the flooring, you can cover its surface using rubber tiles, wool rugs or cotton mats. However, the flooring might be a bit expensive, but worth the price.

2. Hypoallergenic carpet

Carpet is the coziest flooring material that you can ever think of installing in your baby’s nursery unit. It’s soft and warm feel under the foot has enticed many parents. In addition, carpets come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes that fit a wide range of designs.

 Even though carpets are the cheapest flooring for a nursery, great care should be a priority as they are prone to dust-trapping and allergens. Therefore, regular cleaning is a necessity. How can you ensure the safety of your baby with carpets? If you cannot marvel at your nursery without comfy carpeting, you aren’t on your own, many parents prefer installing it, and there is no much to worry.

When looking for a carpet for your baby’s nursery, the best option for your case would be one made of natural fiber such as sisal, hemp, jute and wool. Moreover, the carpet should not have latex backings, fire retardant, supported using a wood base rather than foam.  The flooring should be one for tacking but not gluing down.

Also, the material should be free from toxic compounds such as volatile organic compounds(VOC), moth-proofing, formaldehyde adhesives, and glue. For your carpet to last longer, avoid any dampening condition that may occur. And you should vacuum every day to keep off the dust that may be allergenic.

3. Cork flooring

The flooring is of natural origin, thus sustainable and environmental-friendly. You may prefer purchasing this kind of flooring material due to its durability, water resistance,  smooth and soft surface as well as its visual appeal. Cork flooring for the nursery is one of the hypoallergenic flooring options with natural antiseptic chemicals. The chemicals inhibit the attachment and growth of some allergens.

Due to its soft nature, cork flooring provides a comfortable and cushioned surface that is ideal for babies to crawl and play. To be sure that your baby is safe from harmful chemicals, go for cork flooring with 100% Cork Oak tree composition. However, the material may be relatively expensive, but worth the cost. Thanks to the stylish and functionality in nursery floor cushions capabilities.

4. Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring comes in a stylish design that makes your nursery floor cover glitter in elegance due to its slick surface. Not to mention, bamboo flooring is one of the natural hypoallergenic flooring with a great aesthetic beauty that you can never match with any other flooring option. Bamboo flooring is substantially water-resistant and easy to clean. Like hardwood, bamboo flooring has an insulating property that makes the surface relatively warm. Besides these qualities, bamboo flooring is cheap and affordable compared to other natural flooring options.  However, ensure you buy bamboo that is free of formaldehyde resins and other VOC compounds that would harm your baby.