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Wylie is renowned for its different annual events, which have formed a culture of bringing the locals together. The city’s proximity to Lake Lavon and Lake Ray Hubbard makes it an attraction. Wylie is also appreciated for its luxurious yet affordable housing.
All American Flooring is a top flooring installation company. We have hundreds of flooring options to choose from in the following categories: tiles, carpet, laminate, luxury vinyl, and hardwood floors in Wylie, TX.  Our professional floor installation services begin with the selection of design, then free flooring cost estimate. Once the client approves the work, we go ahead and install the floor.

Carpet Installation in Wylie, TX (and More)

Although a bit expensive, wood flooring continues to remain a popular choice because of its elegance, warmth, and durability. If you want a hardwood floor, there are various types of woods to select from. Our company offers two options of wood floors: solid wood and engineered wood.
Tiles are a popular flooring option in many homes and offices because of their versatility, ease to maintain, and durability. There are many types of tiles in the market including porcelain, engineered, ceramic, and natural stone tiles. When choosing tiles, find out their water-resistant features. Worth noting is that not all tiles are suitable for areas that are prone to moisture like the kitchen and bathroom because some are very slippery.
It is also referred to as PVC flooring. Luxury vinyl flooring is water resistant and good for water-prone areas in a premise such as a bathroom and kitchen. Technological advancements have developed luxury vinyl flooring models that are not only beautiful and closely resemble wood, but they are also easy to install, strong and durable. That is not all, they are not expensive and there are many designs and colors to suit any premise interior décor.
Carpets are made from different raw materials. The most common materials are synthetic fiber and wool. All American Flooring has a wide range of options in textures and colors. It is a warm floor and most preferred in the living room and bedroom. Carpets are not easy to clean and accumulate dust which affects people with dust allergies.
Laminate flooring is gaining popularity among contractors and homeowners because of its beauty. There are designs that resemble hardwood and some mimic stone. There are exotic designs too. All American flooring has popular laminate flooring brands including Armstrong Flooring and Mohawk Flooring.

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