Hardwood Flooring

Crafted from selections of American, exotic, and imported hardwoods that are durable enough to last a lifetime.

How to Buy Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has been a traditional flooring material for centuries because of its natural strength, hardness, and beauty. Hardwood is a great option for flooring in common areas, living spaces, and walkways because it is highly resistant to surface damage and is relatively easy to maintain.

Solid Wood:

Solid wood planks are a time-honored tradition in the flooring industry. Authentic wood comprises the entire plank without man-made substitutions or additional layers. 100% genuine wood offers an uncompromised aesthetic that has been appreciated for centuries. Homeowners that are looking to leave their personal touch on their home investment will love the opportunity to choose a custom stain and finish. Many solid wood options can be sanded and refinished multiple times, providing the homeowner with even more options for choosing their home’s look and style.

Engineered Wood:

Engineered hardwood is a composite of layered materials that offer the strength, durability, and beauty of hardwood at a more affordable price. Because engineered hardwood is manmade, some products have been specifically designed to be superior to its natural counterpart! Engineered hardwood is manufactured by placing a layer of genuine wood on top of a core that is made from crossed layers of pressed plywood.

Hardwood flooring is generally offered in two options: solid wood and engineered wood. Both have hundreds of options in a wide range of wood species. Because wood is a natural product, some species have a limited selection of colors or styles – so it may help to begin the search with a particular species in mind. Selecting a species of wood is based largely on two factors: the visual aesthetic and the type of room the flooring is installed in.


The characteristics of the wood will vary depending on the species, but breaking down the decision into simple binary options is a good start: Do I prefer…

  • dark or light shades?
  • lots of character + details or a more uniform texture?

Each wood species is different, and the strength and durability of the wood is no exception. A harder wood species like oak or hickory may be more appropriate for a high-traffic walkway, but a less hard species like birch or cherry may better match the aesthetics of a bedroom.

The top layer of solid wood and some thicker engineered hardwoods can be sanded down more than once to offer homeowners the opportunity to re-finish/stain their floors.

Water-Resistant hardwood

Water resistant flooring options are available


Custom staining and finish options available for solid wood

Superior Durability

Strong and tough flooring material that won’t easily bend or break

Hardwood Flooring

America’s favorite hardwood flooring brands are available to see in our catalog! Mohawk Flooring, Bruce Hardwoods, US Floors and more!

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Hardwood Flooring Installation & Maintenance

While the prospect of laying hardwood may seem like a simple task, the other parts of the installation process like removing the old flooring, checking the subfloor for damage, or cutting the new hardwood flooring planks to size can be daunting without the proper knowledge and tools.


  1. Remove baseboards and other edge decorations
  2. Remove & dispose of old flooring
  3. Check subfloor for damage, repair if necessary
  4. Install new hardwood flooring, cutting each plank to size if necessary
  5. Reinstall baseboards
  6. Cleanup

Hardwood flooring is very easy to keep clean. Keep your hardwood floor in excellent condition with these simple tips!

Maintaining a hardwood floor is as simple as dusting daily and vacuuming or mopping weekly!

Dust Daily

Cleaning your floors should be a part of your daily maintenance routine. Consistent dusting will greatly reduce the chance of dirt and grime from becoming lodged in your hardwood floors.

Vacuum or Mop Weekly

Just like sweeping takes care of the dust, vacuuming and mopping will make sure that foreign particles don’t embed themselves in your floor.

Wipe Spills Promptly

Properly treated hardwood floors will have a non-porous surface finish, so as long as liquids are wiped up quickly there should be no problem with stain damage.

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