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Vinyl Click Flooring in Dallas-Fort Worth

Vinyl Click Flooring

How to Buy Vinyl Click Flooring in Dallas-Fort Worth

When you need to complete faster remodel turnarounds, vinyl click flooring is a valuable time-saver. At All American Flooring, we carry the vinyl flooring products with click installation capability for our customers, homeowners, and business owners!

Vinyl Click Flooring can be installed over an existing surface and refers to the actual installation method. Many of the vinyl click flooring products will also come with attached underlayment that helps solve subfloor imperfections, adds sound insulation and performance qualities, and reduces the gap of air between the new floor and the old floor. If your favorite vinyl click flooring product does not come with attached padding, we highly recommend and can help with selecting appropriate high-quality padding to use under your new floors.

  • Water-Resistant Vinyl: Many vinyl options are water-resistant floors.
  • Versatility: Suitable for rooms throughout the home.
  • Superior Resiliency: Provides comfort underfoot and extra give for dropped items.

Looking for vinyl click flooring for your living space? All American Flooring is nearby and has great prices on premiere vinyl brands.


Vinyl Click Flooring

Vinyl click flooring is an outstanding choice for an active home that needs stylish, affordable options that provide an all-around performance.

Vinyl Click Flooring can be installed over an existing surface and refers to the actual installation method. These flooring products do not require ripping up the existing flooring, removal and disposal of flooring waste, or subfloor preparation. By relying on click-locking installation technology, vinyl click flooring does not use adhesive or nails since the tight connection and pressure between pieces keeps the entire surface in place! Click vinyl floors will be quicker and cheaper to install than other flooring types.

Installing vinyl click flooring will likely raise the overall flooring height in a room. This will require you to remove any base trim and molding during installation and reinstall it once the finished floor is down. You will most likely need to remove all doors and shave down the bottoms to achieve full range of motion when opening and closing your doors.

Over time, vinyl click flooring will prove to be easier to repair if a piece or section gets damaged: Simply take out the planks between the damaged pieces and the wall, and snap new flooring in place to restore the surface.

Very few flooring products can offer the DIY capability that vinyl flooring does. Vinyl click flooring offers far greater DIY opportunities for those with flooring installation experience. Take the proper time to gather tools, allow your planks to acclimate to the new environment for at least 48 hours beforehand, and always reference the manufacturer’s installation instructions to maintain your product warranties.


Vinyl Click Flooring Installation & Maintenance

What are the best vinyl click flooring maintenance steps?

Vinyl click flooring is incredibly low maintenance:

  1. Sweep daily or as frequently as possible to remove tracked-in dust and debris.
  2. Use a sponge mop and water once a week to remove any spots, and a pH-neutral cleaner if needed.
  3. Deep clean your vinyl click flooring by wet mopping whenever you prefer.
  4. Use felt pads and rugs to minimize the impact of heavy furniture and household activity.

To clean spills on your vinyl click flooring, follow these steps:

  1. Wipe up most spills on luxury vinyl when they happen.
  2. Use a pH-neutral cleaner to remove dried spills.
  3. Use a soft nylon brush, a manufacturer-approved cleaner, and water to treat spots and stains.

You do not need steam cleanings, a vacuum, brushes, steel wool, or ammonia cleaners to care for your vinyl click flooring.

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