Carpet Flooring

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How to Buy Carpet Flooring

Carpet is undoubtedly the warmest, softest flooring option available and is offered in a wide range of options to match every budget and need. Its natural ability to insulate heat and sound makes it a great option for growing families or a cozy bachelor pad.

Modern carpets are designed to withstand today’s active lifestyles. Gone are the days when even high-end carpets left tracks as you walked, were irreparably crushed by heavy furniture, or were ruined by simple spills. Foot traffic, stains, and odors are less of a worry than ever before.

Loop Carpeting:
Loop carpeting is designed to be a low profile carpet with tightly packed, looped strands. This clean style is ideal for high-traffic areas. Common areas, walkways, entrances – any space in the home that needs a low-maintenance floor would be a great candidate.
Pattern Carpeting:
Pattern carpeting consists of a diverse set of looped fibers and cut heights to achieve a variated look. Depending on the style, this can create a simple, subtle appearance or leave a bold, striking impression.
Texture Carpeting:
Texture carpeting is constructed with long, crimped yarns for an understated aesthetic that looks great in any room. It feels luxuriously soft to the touch and is incredibly popular with all homeowners.
Frieze (Twist) Carpeting:
Frieze carpeting (also known as twist carpeting) uses tall, twisted yarns to create a longer crimped look. Its long, twisting fibers give a sense of depth and character to the carpet that also provides just enough support to feel springy underfoot.

Knowing a few, simple cleaning tips and tricks can greatly lengthen the lifespan of carpet flooring.

  • Clean up spilled liquids as soon as possible.
  • Spilled food should first be removed with a spoon, then gently blotted with a mild mixture of water and detergent (as needed). Vacuum up what remains, adding small amounts of water to dilute the stain. Repeat until the carpet is clean.
  • Stubborn stains left after cleaning can be removed by moistening the affected area with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and letting it stand for one hour. Gently blot and repeat until clean.

Water-Resistant Flooring

Spill-resistant carpet options available

Superior Comfort

Unparalleled levels of softness

Warm & Quiet

Flooring Insulates to retain heat & reduce noise

Carpet Flooring

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Carpet Flooring Installation & Maintenance

Installing carpet can be straightforward, but it is best handled by professionals. For the adventurous DIY’er, then installing carpet is a great way to get started with a home improvement or interior remodeling project. But if the list seems daunting, then it’s best to leave it up to the professionals!

  1. Remove baseboards and other edge decorations
  2. Remove & dispose of old flooring
  3. Check subfloor for damage, repair if necessary
  4. Lay down new carpet padding
  5. Check (or install) tack strips, replace if necessary
  6. Measure, then cut new carpet flooring to size
  7. Lay new carpet down and tack into place
  8. Use a knee-kicker (or similar) tool to stretch carpet
  9. Cut and remove excess carpet
  10. Reinstall baseboards
  11. Cleanup

Keep your carpet in excellent condition year-round with these simple tips!

  • Vacuum carpet flooring often to prevent soil and dirt from embedding itself into the carpet fibers.
  • Consulting a professional cleaning service every 12-18 months can keep carpet feeling fresh and brand new for years!
  • Eliminate stray fibers with scissors – pulling them out may damage your carpet.
  • Burnt carpet should be cut away with sharp scissors. Depending on the severity of the burn, you may need to patch or replace it.
    Indentions from heavy furniture can be removed by stroking the affected area with the edge of a coin. Hair dryers or steam irons are useful for deep impressions, but take care not to singe the carpet.
  • If there is extensive water damage, contact a professional cleaning service. Large spills and standing water can seep down into the underlayment beneath the carpet.
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