Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Ideal for rooms that need the spill-resistance and durability of a hard floor, with a measure of comfort.

How to Buy Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring

It has a close resemblance to hardwood which is a luxurious flooring material. vinyl flooring has been around for decades, but recent advances in engineering and manufacturing technologies have developed stronger, more beautiful vinyl materials that are easier to install. Modern vinyl flooring is categorically better than it has ever been, with innovative features including: glue-less installation, waterproofing, and even hardwood-style planks and boards!

Vinyl plank flooring

It is a versatile material that is highly water-resistant, durable, and affordable. Vinyl flooring captures the aesthetic of materials ranging from natural stone to exotic wood. With so many styles and combinations available, it’s easy to see why vinyl is so popular with homeowners.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring:

  • Comfort: Sheet flooring is surprisingly warm and soft underfoot. Premium products can even feel downright cushiony!
  • Simplest Maintenance: Because sheet flooring has less seams and edges, it’s arguably the easiest of the three types of vinyl to maintain. Spills, dirt, and debris are simply wiped off the surface, rather than getting caught between adjoining edges.

Vinyl Tile Flooring:

  • Aesthetics: Tile flooring is great for creating geometric patterns, and vinyl tile is no exception. The affordability and variety of vinyl tile allows homeowners to get the exotic look that they want at a very reasonable price.

Vinyl Plank Flooring:

  • Installation: Select vinyl plank flooring products have the strength and rigidity to be installed over sub-floors that would be unsuitable for other flooring materials.
  • Durability: Vinyl is a tough material, but it lacks solid backing that other flooring materials like tile or hardwood offer. However, when coupled with plywood and turned into a composite plank, it combines the best of both worlds.
Vinyl sheet flooring:

Vinyl sheet flooring is shipped in large rolls that need to be cut to size before installation. Sheet flooring is particularly good for moisture-prone rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. The simplicity of sheet flooring is a great strength because it has fewer seams or edges where damage can occur.

Vinyl tile flooring:

Tile flooring is great for homeowners that are looking for an aesthetic that is remarkably close to the appearance of real tile, but still offers the durability, water-resistance, and economy of vinyl. Vinyl tiles are generally sold in pre-cut 12” x 12” sizes that are perfect for emulating the look and feel of real tile flooring.

Vinyl plank flooring:

For homeowners that want the look and feel of hardwood, vinyl plank flooring is a great, affordable alternative. Modern vinyl plank flooring have the depth and character of natural materials while still retaining the water-resistance, scratch-resistance, and toughness that are characteristic of vinyl. To make the installation process even simpler, plank flooring uniquely offers glue-less install methods through a range of locking systems that are built into the edges of each plank.

Rather than waterproof, it is more appropriate to call it water-resistant. Vinyl is unique as a flooring material because it generally doesn’t warp, crack, or take on water. However, even if the layer of vinyl isn’t damaged by water, the vinyl flooring could still separate from the subfloor, or the backing material (which is commonly plywood) of a vinyl plank may be compromised. To claim that vinyl flooring is absolutely waterproof gives homeowners the expectation that their floor could survive any amount of standing water or flood damage – and that is simply not the case. Vinyl may be the most water-resistant flooring material available, but that does not mean that laying down vinyl flooring will create a waterproof floor.
Stick-and-Peel: Savings

If you’re looking to maximize savings, the stick-and-peel method is the most cost-effective option because it is simple to do and requires the least amount of preparation. It’s also generally easier to fix mistakes, or remove & replace in the future.

Full-Spread Adhesive: Permanent Hold

For a stronger hold, the full-spread adhesive is a great option. It can be slightly more expensive to install than the stick-and-peel, but it is also longer-lasting and still very economical.

Locking Systems: Simple + Strong

Locking systems are simple to install, less messy, and create long-lasting floors. A properly installed, quality vinyl plank with a good locking system really can be the best of all worlds! However they are generally more expensive and limited to vinyl plank flooring.

Water-Resistant Vinyl

Many vinyl options are water-resistant floors.

Wear Resistant Flooring

Superior flooring protection against scratches and dents.


Quick, easy luxury flooring installation options are available with select products.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Looking for tough, waterproof floors? Low prices on SPC/WPC waterproof luxury vinyl floor tiles are right here at All American Flooring.

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Design: Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floor tiles has come a long way from the simple checkerboard patterns in the past. Modern vinyl flooring is manufactured with the latest technologies, allowing for amazing colors, textures, and glosses. Because it is entirely man-made, vinyl is offered in practically any aesthetic you’re looking for! Natural stone, exotic wood, or minimalist geometries – anything is possible with vinyl flooring

Absolutely! But keep in mind that not all vinyl flooring products are created equally. As with any purchasing decision, make sure that you do the proper research. At our showrooms, we point out the differences between products so that you can make an informed decision. Across the board, vinyl flooring has never looked better than it does today, but nothing can beat the “eyeball test”. Seeing is believing, and the best way to understand the realism that modern vinyl flooring offers is to see it for yourself!

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation & Maintenance

Not at all! Manufacturers produce vinyl flooring for all sorts of installation scenarios. There are three common scenarios:


As simple as it sounds; just peel the protective backing from the vinyl and place it onto the subfloor surface.

Full-Spread Adhesive (Glue Down):

Spread tile adhesive onto the subfloor, then carefully lay each tile into position. This requires more time and effort than the peel-and-stick method, but offers a much stronger, longer-lasting bond.

Locking Systems:

Vinyl planks are a relatively new spin on vinyl products. In the past, glues were the only option. But with recent advances in manufacturing technologies, composite flooring materials that have a top-layer of vinyl backed by wooden cores have become common. These products have angled or grooved edges that fit like puzzle pieces – providing a tightly locked hold. These locking systems are literally a snap to install, and are less messy because they often don’t require any additional adhesives at all!

Vinyl flooring has always been one of the most durable kinds of flooring available. Once vinyl flooring has been installed, it is difficult to cut, tear, or pucture. Vinyl flooring is also the most water-resistant of all floors because it is non-porous and it can be glued directly to the subfloor.

All of these incredible features combine to create the most maintenance-free floors possible: simple dusting and light mopping are all that is needed to keep luxury vinyl floors looking their best!

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