Marble Flooring

Looking to upgrade your floors? Marble flooring is the definition of luxury.

How to Buy Marble Flooring

Marble one of the most aesthetically pleasing materials when it comes to flooring. It is formed from a recrystallization process. Different elements from the rock like fossil material and sun dried minerals combined under extreme heat and pressure, turning into a new rock, known as marble. 

Before you decide on whether marble is for you, it is best to look into the pros and cons that come with having marble as your floors. 

Pros for marble flooring:

  • It gives an elegant and luxurious feel and appearance
  • It is made of 100% natural material
  • It can be easily polished
  • It can accommodate floor heating
  • It automatically adds real estate value

Cons for marble flooring:

  • It is made of porous stone that needs to be sealed
  • It can easily be scratched and stained
  • It comes at a hefty price
  • It has a slippery and brittle surface

By looking into marble flooring’s pros and cons, you will be able to get some insights on whether marble flooring is the right choice for you and your lifestyle.

Marble flooring is a waterproof flooring material that can handle water without any molding or other issues. However, marble tiles are porous, once water is held on the surface, it can cause discoloration to the marble floors. 

When it comes to marble flooring, you need to pay for luxury. The price depends on the marble’s architectural element. As marble falls under the high-end range of all-natural stone compared to granite or slate. 

Aside from the material costs, the installation for marble will cost depending on how complicated the layouts of the cutting are. It all depends on the amount of technical work that’s need for the installation. 

Water-Resistant Flooring

Many marble water-resistant options.

Wear Resistant

Superior flooring protection against scratches and dents

Long Life Marble Floors

Marble that can last for decades with proper care.

Marble Tiles

Looking for marble tiles for your living space? All American Flooring is has great prices on premiere marble tile brands.

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Marble Flooring Installation & Maintenance

When it comes to aesthetics, marble flooring can provide stunning finishes and unique designs that can really make a difference in a place. Coming in a wide variety of colors, marble flooring can provide you with the ability to have an endless amount of options. Depending on what the flooring layout and design are the tiles can be cut to varying sizes and shapes like rectangles and triangles. 

Marble is made from all-natural material, making each piece of marble one-of-a-kind, meaning there’s no other flooring that will be the same as yours. If you’re looking for a statement flooring something that’s truly and uniquely yours, marble flooring is a great option for you. 

Marble flooring can be highly polished and silky smooth giving the space a sophisticated and glamourous feel of the space.

Depending on the type of design needed for the marble flooring project, it can range from being easy to super difficult to install. If the marble flooring tiles are in a simple plank shape, installing the tiles is quite manageable and be a great DIY home renovation project. However, if the design for the flooring has more complicated cuts, professional marble installers will be needed in order to execute the installation properly. 

When it comes to maintaining marble floors, it is relatively easy to take care of the marble floor. Similar to other flooring types, you can clean marble floors by sweeping and mopping. Because marble flooring is porous, it is highly important not to allow water to puddle and stay on the surface. With water penetrating the stone it will eventually lead to discoloration and permanently stain the marble flooring. 

To prevent the marble from being stained permanently, a chemical penetrating sealer and a surface sealer needs to be applied right after installation. For extra protection, the surface sealer can be reapplied on a yearly basis. 

While marble flooring is a very glamorous and upscale feel for space, it does come with high maintenance costs. However, if you feel that marble flooring suits your space the best, a few extra steps won’t be too much. Overall, to maintain the appearance of marble flooring there are a few precautions to make your marble flooring last for a very long time. 

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