How To Clean Carpet Floor Without Vacuum Cleaner

Carpets need regular cleaning to maintain freshness in the room. Also, cleaning removes trapped dust, dirt, and debris that make your space uncomfortable. However, using a vacuum to clean carpets at home is increasingly becoming a challenge due to the cost of owning a vacuum and its frequent breakdowns. Furthermore, a vacuum cleaner can be more expensive to run as they use a lot of electricity.

Vacuum cleaners are prone to breakdown and they seem to do so when they are so much needed. Therefore, it would be much better to find a cheaper and reliable alternative to keep your carpet clean. Even though the vacuum is the most efficient way of carpet cleaning, there are other effective ways to clean carpets without a vacuum cleaner at home. 

Cleaning debris

Large-sized debris are difficult to clean even by the use of vacuum. It is always important to collect the trash in the first round before using other methods to keep the carpets clean without vacuum. Use a carpet sweeper to clean other medium-sized to small-sized debris and dirt. Sweep the carpet gently to avoid blowing out dust to other parts of the room. Also, you can use a hard broom with tough bristles as the bristles will penetrate deep into the carpet fiber and remove the dust.

You can also clean your carpet without vacuum by rolling up your carpet and taking it out in your lawn or driveway. Then, use a carpet beater to ensure that the dust embedded detaches and pours out. Precaution should be taken during this process not to soak-up your self with the soil. Check the direction of the wind and ensure that the dust drift isn’t on your side. This is one of the best techniques to clean carpets at home without a vacuum. It was primarily in use during the olden days before the advent of the vacuum cleaners.

Alternatively, you can shake your carpet thoroughly, but the method works well for small carpets and area rugs. Once you wave the carpet, the dust and debris will detach, thus leaving it clean. However, you should take care during the activity to keep yourself safe from inhaling the dust. Also, the method is not plausible for the carpets that are attached by adhesives.

How to remove hair and pet fur at home without a vacuum

The practice can be done by use of packaging tape to pick up loose fur, hair, or dirt. You will roll out a new tape and cut it a few inches. Press the tape to the carpet to pick up the intended hair and fur. When the stickiness of the tape goes off, you will have to cut another piece and continue with the task. However, the method is tedious and time-consuming, but it is an effective way to clean hair from the carpet without vacuum.

Alternatively, lint rollers can be used to clean hairs from the carpet without vacuum. Before the start of activity, you can partition your floor into sections to make the work less daunting.

Deep carpet cleaning without vacuum cleaner

The first step in this process is to check on the manufacturer’s label on your carpet to be sure of how to clean the carpet at home since you cannot treat all materials in the same manner. Check if your carpet has some conspicuous stains and spot and clean them first before resorting to cleaning the whole carpet.

Blot the stains instead of rubbing them. However, you will  cut down long fiber with resistant stains. You can use hydrogen peroxide to get out urine and other bodily fluid and stains. Alternatively, you can use other commercial stain removers. Also, you can use dish washing detergents to remove grease and other oily stains off the carpet. Scrap off any sticky gums by use of a scraper.

Next, get a bucket full of water with dish washing detergent. Alternatively, you can use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda for cleaning carpet at home without a vacuum cleaner. Sprinkle the baking soda on the sections of the carpet and spray enough to make it foamy and scrub gently from side to side by the use of scrub brushes. Also, change the water to avoid getting dirty water back to your clean carpet.

Use a bucket of fresh water and repeat the process of scrubbing to ensure you remove all the dirt. Block off the cleaned area and spread your carpet to dry. To speed up the drying process, you can switch on your fans. It is advisable to clean your carpets during the dry season.