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Get quality hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, and carpet flooring in Murphy, TX, from All American Flooring.

Floor Installation in Murphy, TX

Murphy is known for embracing the country living lifestyle and has a low crime rate. This kind of life ushers in peace, serenity, and tranquility in the city. All American Flooring understands this. We have positioned ourselves as a discount flooring store with products and services that correspond with the needs of Murphy residents. We aim to satisfy our customers’ needs for a tranquil lifestyle devoid of the hustle and bustle that characterize other cities.
All American Flooring personnel are well trained and endowed with the right skills to provide a high-end flooring solution for your commercial and residential premises. We offer installation services and supply quality flooring materials in Murphy, TX, and the neighboring cities.

Murphy Carpets & More

Hardwood flooring can be used in a variety of floor designs which will bring out the best results for the customers. It is also sturdy and durable. The materials comes from different trees and each has a different price. Red oak is the most common flooring type in Texas. Hardwood flooring is not ideal for water-prone areas because can warp.
Tile flooring is great for moisture-prone areas because they do not absorb moisture. They are also aesthetically appealing and come in different shapes and sizes. It is also ideal for high-traffic areas such as office floors. We also sell them at competitive prices and they come in different patterns and textures.
This is a great flooring option for areas that are prone to moisture such as bathroom floors. It is also ideal because it is slip resistant. This prevent accidents because of wet and slippery floor surfaces.
Carpet flooring helps to insulate against heat and sound. The material also provides comfort and makes your room classy. You can contact All American Flooring for cheap carpet installation. If you want DIY, we provide guidelines on how to install carpet flooring.
Laminate flooring is another option for your house. It is a cheaper alternative to hardwood and is easy to install. For professional installation of the material, it is advisable to contact a flooring company in Murphy, TX.

Office Flooring Services

Our team of experienced and dedicated experts will work with you on an office floor design to reflect the brand. An office floor should also complement other aspects of the office. We give you our insight into what fits your company.

Home Flooring Services

Our homes are our fortresses. They are where we usually go to after a tiresome day at work. Homes are where we unwind. Contact us for our unparalleled offers and services for your home flooring in Murphy, TX. Our floor installers seamlessly install your living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom floors for a homely and welcoming feel.

Commercial Projects

We also deal with small and large commercial flooring projects. We continue to be the best flooring company in Murphy, TX, for commercial apartments, schools, large real estate developments.

Flooring Repair in Murphy

Do you want to change the outlook of your floors? Do you want a different flooring that will bring a different feel and dimension to your office, home or commercial premises? Then, worry no more because All American Flooring has your interests at heart. We have cheap flooring materials and installation services that will give your space a new appearance.

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