7 Ways To Prepare Your Home Before A New Floor Installation

Planning well for a new flooring project may be hectic, but with adequate preparations, the process may progress smoothly. The flooring installation process may involve a lot of activities and wastes that you should handle appropriately. Whether you want to install a floating floor for vinyl, laminates or hardwood by yourself, you still have to keep your home tidy.

Why do I need to prepare my house before flooring installation? During the process of new floor installation, there are a lot of activities and wastes. Thus, you should keep your pets and valuables safe from dust and damaging debris. Another common question may be, “How do I prepare for floor installation?” Well, in this article, you will learn how to prepare your home for floor installation through the following simple steps.


1. Ensure the safety of your pets

Pets form part of many families and are not an exception in family safety. At times, your pets may sneak outside your home if the floor installers leave the gate and some particular doors open. Therefore, the pets should be in an enclosure where they do not get out or intrude into the room where flooring installation activities are ongoing. Moreover, the dust from workings on the old flooring and sub-floor may equally be harmful to your pets. Therefore, it is imperative to restrict your pets in a safe place before the flooring installation activities commence.

2. Remove the Delicate and valuables

It would be essential to remove the delicate items from the room that will have new floor installation work inside. Also, you need to plan on who will remove the appliances, furniture, and the sub-floor during the operation.

Ensure all the electric systems, water taps, or gas appliances are disconnected before the project starts. Remove wall hangings, drapes, and pictures from your wall to protect them from dust. Also, you should verify that the inside temperature is conducive for the new flooring installer.

3. Find out if the new flooring will result in a rise in floor height

It is essential to find out whether your new flooring would call for readjustment of the door, removal of baseboards and trim. Flooring options such as hardwood flooring would automatically warrant the removal of doors, baseboards and trims as it would significantly result in the rise of floor level. Thus, all the moldings and doors that would impede the floor contractors work should be out before the work begins.

4. Clear the room off the furniture

It is essential to remove all the furniture from the space where new flooring installation will take place. You should carry out the task before the installation day for convenience. Doing the work yourself early in advance saves time and the cost. However, some flooring installers will rearrange your furniture free of charge while others will charge a few bucks. Therefore, it would be better if you can consult your floor installer and find out how they do it.

Also, you should ensure that your furniture is covered to protect it from dust and dirt that may rest on their surfaces when they have no cover.

5. Arrange the room systematically

The arrangement of the room should be tidy and easy to maneuver.  You should ensure that the paths are clean and clutter-free. Both the outside and the inside way should be free from obstruction by pets, children, toys, and any delicate valuables that may make the installer’s work more difficult.

6. Close off other rooms

At times new flooring installation process may turn messy. Thus, you should close other places that aren’t being worked on to protect them from dust and other materials. Alternatively, you can mask the doors using masking tape.  For instance, hardwood flooring installation is a messy business that may lead to more sawdust spilling into the next room through the door.

Flooring installation work makes once a comfortable room inhabitable. You should undertake proper preparations to ensure that your children and pets are under proper care. In some instances, you should take permission to stay off-job to monitor the installation process and ask questions whenever necessary. The items will help to ensure that the work proceeds accordingly.

7. Prepare an area for contractors’ working and waste disposal

It would be better to create a working space for your flooring installation company to offer them a space to prepare their flooring materials such as trimming wood and resizing the flooring materials. However, the area should not be far away from the entrance.

On the other hand, the floor installers will require a place to dispose the waste materials from the flooring installation room. Also, ensure that your garbage bins are adequate to hold the waste that comes from your flooring installation operations. It would also be better if you can contact your garbage removal company and inform them of the activity before the project.