Can Each Room in a House Have a Unique Flooring Type?

Indeed, it is possible to have a unique flooring type in every room in a house. Each room in a house has different uses. So, when installing the floor, it is essential to know that what may work in one room may not work in another room. Factors that influence what type of flooring to have in each room include the occupants. In addition to that, you should consider your flooring budget, the traffic in each room, how dirt-prone and water-prone each room is. Another factor that can influence the type of flooring you choose is the installation of underfloor heating.

Worth noting, technological advancements have brought many possibilities to the flooring industry. Whereas in the past patterns and colors were few for different flooring options, now it is almost possible to get any color in all the flooring types. It is possible to have different flooring options in each room but have the same theme color running in the entire house.

Unique Flooring for Each Room

Living Room and Dining Room Flooring

The best type of flooring for a living room and dining room is hardwood flooring. Living rooms are high-traffic areas yet need to be cozy because so much time is spent there by most family members. A hardwood floor is much easier to clean than a wall-to-wall carpet. However, you may still need to add an area rug to enhance the comfort features of the living room. Your next option should be a wall-to-wall carpet, but it may not be ideal for the dining room area.

Kitchen Flooring Options

Most kitchens have high traffic and are also water-prone. As such, the best flooring options for the kitchen should be sturdy and water-resistant. Carpets and hardwoods are not ideal for kitchens because they are not water-resistant. Waterproof flooring options for kitchens include laminates, vinyl, tiles, and luxury vinyl tiles. However, certain types of hardwoods can work in the kitchen. If you prefer hardwood flooring in your kitchen, then find out from your supplier about getting hardwoods with waterproof features.

Master Bedroom Flooring Options

A bedroom is your haven and comfort should be a priority when selecting a flooring option. If you want each room to have unique flooring, you can opt for a wall-to-wall carpet in your bedroom. However, if you settle for another type of flooring, you should use an area rug to make the room cozy. Most of the other flooring types can work perfectly in your master bedroom including hardwood floors, laminates, vinyl, luxury vinyl and tiles.

Kids Bedroom Flooring Options

Kids tend to spend lots of time in their room during weekends and when on school break. Their bedroom floor needs to be sturdy, easy to clean, and comfortable. In terms of comfort, carpets are the best and can provide the much-needed cushion against falls and injuries. Carpets are also good at reducing the noise that comes from the kid’s bedroom. The only downside of a carpet in a kid’s bedroom is maintenance because carpets are not easy to clean.

To accommodate cleaning features and the need for cozy flooring, you can choose other types of flooring. You can fit hardwood, vinyl, tile, or laminate floors and then use an area rug for carpeting. Area rugs are easier to clean than carpets. Besides, the flooring color you select for your kid’s bedroom can match the theme color for the rest of the house. The area rug color and design can be kid-friendly and unique to your child’s bedroom.

Laundry Room & Bathroom Flooring Options

The best flooring options for the laundry room and bathroom should be moisture resistant. As such, you need water-resistant flooring types. In this regard, you should avoid hardwood floors and carpets in the laundry room and bathroom. Luckily, technological advancements have brought many flooring options to the table that are water-resistant. These include laminate floors, vinyl, luxury vinyl, and traditional tiles. The only downside of some tiles in a water-prone area is the lack of slip resistance.

If you have chosen hardwood flooring or wall-to-wall carpet for other rooms in the house, you can settle for a water-resistant flooring for your bathroom and laundry room. You can opt for either luxury vinyl, vinyl, tiles or laminates. Then choose a color that syncs with the rest of the rooms in the house.

Mudroom Flooring Options

A mudroom needs to be easy to clean, especially if your family members bring in lots of muddy shoes from outside. The best flooring types are waterproof. You can choose from waterproof flooring options, including tiles, laminates, vinyl, and luxury vinyl tiles.

From an installation point of view, fitting unique flooring types in every room can be a daunting task. On that note, some flooring types can work perfectly in each room; tiles, vinyl, luxury vinyl, and laminates because of their waterproof features. Should you settle for this type of flooring, you can enhance the bedrooms and living rooms with area rugs. However, if you choose carpeting or hardwood floors, then you should consider a different type of flooring for water-prone rooms.

The bottom line is to match colors and style in different rooms in the house should you opt for a unique flooring type for each room.