How to Choose the Right Flooring for Every Room in Your Home

Kitchen flooring | All American Flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your home is a significant decision. It’s not just about picking a material that matches your decor; it’s about finding a solution that stands up to daily wear and tear, fits your lifestyle, and stays within your budget. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of choosing the…

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Top Flooring Trends for 2023

Wood tv unit | All American Flooring

As the year 2023 continues, it’s time to explore the top flooring trends that are set to transform homes across the country. From sustainable materials to innovative designs, All American Flooring is here to help you stay ahead of the curve. Contact All American Flooring for a free consultation We are here to help answer…

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Cheap Flooring

Showroom | All American Flooring

  There are tons of cheap flooring options in the market today that look luxurious and on top of that, they are durable and waterproof. However, it is advised that you buy flooring from established manufacturers and ensure that the warranty period is satisfactory. When buying any flooring type, ensure that you get the whole…

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What You Should Know About Rubber Flooring In Children Play Area

Playground with rubber Floor | All American Flooring

Have you ever thought of an outdoor rubber flooring for children’s playground? Even though the rubber floor is expensive, it is worth the investment. Injuries due to rough playground may at times be life-threatening to children and thought torture to their parents. At times, the injuries due to the hard floor surface at the playground…

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4 Flooring Option For Baby’s Nursery

New born baby bedding sets | All American Flooring

  Setting up a nursery is one of the preparations that you should do when awaiting your new baby. When it comes to the safety of your baby, you would rather be careful not to err as any simple mistake might turn out disastrous. As much as you would need a fantastic outlook of baby’s…

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Natural Ways of Wood Floor Waxing

Wood liquid floor waxing | All American Flooring

Wood floor has a prettier look when good care and maintenance schedules are in place. Minding little about the appearance of your wood floor may diminish its natural elegance due to a network of scratches that may appear on its surface. Wood floor waxing is one of the ways of making wood floors surfaces more…

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Floating Floors vs Fixed Floors

Vinyl installation | All American Flooring

  Installing floors is a challenging process that requires you to make various choices. You should decide on the type of flooring material, texture, and color while factoring in your budget and where you are installing the floor. When it comes to floor installations, there are two main types of installation methods: floating or fixed…

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Easy Ways To Remove Old Ceramic Floor Tiles

Ceramic tile floors have been in use for several decades due to their flexibility in style and design. You would prefer tile flooring due to diversity in colors, shapes, and sizes that may fit your floor plan.  The material is highly water resistance with 0.5% absorption rate. Moreover, tile floors are easy to clean. With…

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6 Salon or Spa flooring Options

Salon flooring | All American Flooring

  A spa or salon is a business brand. Consequently, the salon flooring should be both functional and stylish. The physical environment should create a subliminal effect of relaxation and calmness on customers. The reception area should be exceptionally welcoming, relaxing, and comfortable. The physical environment, the services offered should create an extraordinary experience that…

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Environmental-Friendly Flooring Materials

Bedroom hardwood flooring | All American Flooring

A healthy environment is the most precious gift of nature that any human being can appreciate. However, in the wake of the global industrial revolution, the growth of synthetic manufacturing is still unstoppable with regrettable impacts on the environment being the result. Thanks to the high technology evolution that has lead to extraction, use, and…

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