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Arlington is one of the service areas of All American Flooring, which was founded over 30 years ago. We commit to providing the best services to our customers. Apart from that, we exercise professionalism in every aspect of carpet, laminate, tile, luxury vinyl, and hardwood flooring installation in Arlington, TX. Our flooring services have exceeded customer expectations time and time again. Our professional flooring team will be excited to install the following flooring design.

Types of Flooring Arlington TX

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We have many years of experience in Arlington wood flooring floor services. Whether it is repairs, installation, refinishing, or sanding, you can count on us. Our customers appreciate hardwood floors for their beauty, warmth, and durability.

Worth noting is that the floors are easy to maintain.
Although hardwood flooring may seem expensive, you can get our discounts to reduce the cost. While the cost may be higher compared to the cost of other types of floors, the investment is worth it because it will last a lifetime. We have a variety of hardwood options in our stores in Arlington, TX: exotic, imported, and American.

The durability of tile floors depends on how they are installed and maintained. Tiles are sturdy and resistant to water. They easily complement a room’s interior décor because they come in different designs on offer. They are easy to clean and maintain too.

We are one of the most reliable tile contractors in Arlington, TX. Make an appointment with us for tile flooring on your premises. Because the material is sturdy, it can be installed on driveways and walkways. Tile installation requires an expert so that they can ensure there are no bubbles that can lead to cracking.

There is a wide range of tiles to choose from including natural stones. The material is customizable to match your preferred colors and pattern.

Modern innovations have made luxury vinyl flooring one of the easiest flooring installations to do. Not only that, there are better designs today, than ever before. Modern luxury vinyl floors are waterproof, making them easy to maintain and ideal for home and office floors. We are among the best luxury vinyl flooring installation companies in Arlington, TX. All American Flooring boasts of seamless LVP floor installations.

Carpets are cozy, and they add beauty and warmth to the interior décor of your home or office. You can depend on us for wall-to-wall carpeting. For carpet installation, visit our flooring stores near Arlington, TX. The only downside about carpets is that they are unfavorable for water-prone areas.
Laminate flooring provides the beauty of stone or hardwood at a cheaper price. The good thing is that it is still durable. It is constructed with four layers for longevity and sturdiness. For laminate flooring services in Arlington, TX, contact our office.
Do you have a flooring project in Arlington? We deal with new installations as well as renovations. As old age goes, experience is the best teacher. We believe that our 30 years of experience serving the Texas Community has given us an edge in the flooring and carpeting industry. If you have a flooring project, our staff will work with you by helping you choose a suitable design, getting an estimate, then installation. Not only are our services affordable, but we also provide free flooring estimates in all types of flooring designs.

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