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Benbrook  has a warm and humid climate from the man-made Lake Benbrook. The neighborhood is characterized by elegant housing, thanks to various stakeholders. A stunning outlook does not come without the contribution of a flooring company in Benbrook, TX. All American flooring boasts decades of experience in provision of quality and affordable flooring services in Texas and beyond.
Our team of committed installers, estimators, designers, and salespeople is always ready for installations, estimations, designs, and repairs. We offer free in-house flooring and carpet installation cost estimates.  The close proximity to Benbrook helps us to serve the local community promptly. Some of the flooring types we offer are listed below.

The following are some flooring options you should consider and where they fit best.

Hardwood flooring

Nothing outdoes the stylish appearance of a wooden floor. The material is durable and also keeps a room warm during cold season. Hardwood flooring installation in Benbrook TX requires the input of an expert. All American Flooring installers will leave a space between the wall and the flooring material to allow expansion and contraction of the wood when exposed to moisture. Wooden floors are not the best option for underground floors because it is difficult to control dampness in these areas.

Tile flooring 

Tiles are not only durable but also affordable. Tile flooring is ideal for damp and moisture-prone areas. Tiles are made from natural stone, baked clay, porcelain or ceramic. They are customizable into different shapes, colors, textures, and sizes to fit your theme. Tile installation requires caution to avoid cracking if air is trapped between the floor and the material.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

LVF is 100% synthetic. It is resistant to moisture and customizable to different styles like wooden look. It is a cheap flooring material and also attractive. With advancement in technology, luxury vinyl flooring can be confused to wooden floors.

Carpet Flooring

There is some magic in carpet flooring. This material does not only make a room warm but it is also capable of absorbing sound. Carpet flooring is customizable to different colors and textures. It is a good complement to other types of flooring like tiles and wood flooring to maintain the warmth of the house. However, tiles are not suitable for moisture-prone areas and they also absorb dust easily.

Laminate Flooring

As the name suggests, this is laminated material. It is composed of wood and other synthetic material bound together to make strong and durable flooring. Laminate flooring is relatively damp resistant but not ideal for highly moist areas like bathrooms. It is a good alternative to hardwood flooring when you want to cut on costs but retain the wooden style.

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