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Are you looking for a reliable tile, vinyl, laminate, hardwood, or carpet flooring installer near Burleson, TX? All American Flooring is your go-to company.

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Burleson has seen a gradual population increase over the years with increased demand for housing. All American Flooring has provided the city with some of the best flooring options. The responsiveness and experience of our staff have made us a reputable brand in the locality. Apart from flooring and carpet installation in Burleson, TX, we offer free cost estimates, stylish flooring designs, repairs, and refurbishment.

Flooring Installation in Burleson, TX

The classy outlook of wood flooring is undeniable but it comes with a price. Hardwood floors can last a lifetime with the necessary care and maintenance. During installation, space should be left between the wall and the floor to accommodate expansion and contraction with changes in humidity.
Tiles come in diverse colors, designs, textures, and materials. There are tiles made of ceramic, baked clay, natural stone, and porcelain. They are highly durable and ideal for water-prone areas.
LVF is made of PVC, thus a purely synthetic material. It has high durability and resistance to water and dampness. Also, the composite is customizable to fit your desired color and texture.
Carpets are the best option for cold rooms which are not exposed to moisture. This material has the ability to insulate against sound. Carpets are available in different colors, patterns, textures, and materials. Carpet installation is easy and DIY-friendly if you have the necessary tools.
Laminate floors are made of a combination of synthetic material and natural wood. They are stuck together to form strong and durable boards of flooring material. The material is not ideal for water-prone areas because it can warp.

Experienced staff

All American Flooring has been in existence for over 3 decades. Our staff's exposure to different projects (both small and large scale) has given them expertise in their fields. You can trust us for flooring installation, free in-house cost estimates, repairs, design & planning, and refurbishment of old carpets.

Affordable services

We are your discount flooring store in Burleson, TX. All America Flooring provides free in-house floor and carpet installation cost estimates. For those who qualify for our financing option, we offer the service at 0% interest for a period of up to 18 months. To help you subsidize on costs, we offer cheap flooring materials without compromise to quality.

Diverse and customized services

All American Flooring has a variety of flooring options to fit your preference and budget. We engage different manufacturers to ensure we have all colors, patterns, textures, shapes, and designs of flooring material. You will be spoilt for choices when you visit our company’s flooring stores near Burleson to view the options we have.

Customer satisfaction

We have over 100 reviews with over 4.5 stars which is evident in the services we offer. We ensure all our clients are satisfied with the flooring services. Our customer-oriented installation services in the DFW metroplex are based on long-term existence in the industry.

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