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Cedar Hill boasts some of the best attraction centers in the USA. The green view of the city makes it stand out from the rest of the neighborhoods. All American Flooring comes in to complement the beauty of this city with some of the best flooring services. We offer flooring and carpet installation in Cedar Hill TX. Apart from that, we do floor repair, refurbishment, estimation, design, and planning. We serve the neighboring cities and our guarantee of the best installation services is unmatched. Some of our common designs are listed below.

The following are some flooring options you should consider and where they fit best.

Hardwood flooring

Wooden floors are not only durable but also stylish. All American Flooring has some of the best hardwood flooring options. The material is also known to maintain the warmth of the room. During installation, space should be left between the wall and the floor to allow for expansion due to varying humidity. Hardwood flooring is not ideal for moisture-prone rooms and underground floors because it can absorb moisture reducing its lifespan.

Tile flooring

Tiles are customizable into different sizes, colors, textures, and designs. They are highly durable and ideal for damp places like bathrooms and entryways. You should ensure the tiles are air-tight during installation to avoid cracking. Tile flooring is also highly durable. They can be made from porcelain, ceramic, baked clay, natural stone, and metal. The primary drawback of tiles is their coldness and may require carpets for warmth.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

This is a relatively cheap flooring option for anyone who wants to cut on their budget and retain the wooden appearance. The material is also resistant to moisture and thus ideal for dump places. LVF is made up of 100% synthetic material and is customizable into different colors and designs. In most cases, luxury vinyl has a wooden appearance.

Carpet Flooring

The floors are not only warm but they also help in soundproofing. The material is used as a complement to other flooring options like hardwood and tiles. It is best for temporary flooring because it is easily removable. However, carpets are not suitable for moisture-prone areas. They are also difficult to clean and absorb dust easily.

Laminate Flooring

This is a multi-layer flooring material composed of wood and synthetic material. Laminate flooring is highly resistant to moisture. The flooring option is customizable into different outlooks including wood. Laminate flooring has also gained popularity because of its ease in installation and affordability.

Engineered Wood

The wood is made up of hardwood stuck together with high-quality plywood. The material is easily installable and a good option for your kitchen. Engineered wood floors have a similar appearance to natural wood. However, it should not be exposed to excess moisture because it is prone to chipping and warping. If you are looking for a good alternative to hardwood flooring, then engineered wood is a good option. All American Flooring offers the best installation services in Cedar Hill TX. Apart from that, we also do repair, refurbishment, and design for your apartments. We have experience in both residential and commercial installations.

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