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Floor and Carpet Installation in Celina TX

Celina is one of the fastest growing cities in the USA in both population and residential homes. The recent adoption of a master plan has seen more people locate to the area. Because All American Flooring understands the need for quality housing in Celina, we come in handy in delivering affordable and durable flooring services.
After being in the market for over thirty years, we fully understand our customers’ needs and we have fully stocked our flooring stores near Celina to serve the local community. We have varieties of materials like carpet, tile, laminate, luxury vinyl, and hardwood. Our team of staff has experience in estimation, installation, repair, refurbishment, and design.

Hardwood flooring

Known for its durability and sturdiness, hardwood flooring will serve you for years if not decades. The floor gives your apartment a classy appearance. However, hardwood floors are more expensive compared to other materials. It is also not ideal for excessively moist rooms because water can reduce its durability.

Tile flooring

Tiles are not only durable but also ideal in places which are exposed to moisture. They are made from porcelain, ceramic, baked clay, natural stone, and metal. Tiles should be installed with care to avoid trapping air which could lead to cracking.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl is composed of 100% synthetic material. It is a cheaper flooring material compared to hardwood. It is customizable to fit your preferred design. Apart from that, LVF can withstand moisture and dampness.

Carpet Flooring 

Carpets are a good option for heat and sound insulation. The material is also comfortable and customizable to different colors and textures. However, it is not ideal for damp areas and dusty rooms. All American Flooring installers will help you with carpet installation in Celina TX.

Laminate Flooring

This is a close relative of wooden flooring because they have a resemblance. The material is composed of wood and plywood for lamination. It is a good alternative to maintain the wooden look at a lower price compared to hardwood costs. However, laminate flooring is not ideal for moisture-prone rooms like washrooms.

Diverse flooring options

Our stores have a variety of flooring material from hardwood, tiles, laminate, carpet, porcelain, luxury vinyl, to engineered wood. Each option comes in different colors, textures, and styles. You can visit our flooring store near Celina to have a view of some of the samples we have.

Vast and extensive experience

Our staffs have worked in both small and large scale projects which have given them enough exposure. They are conversant with the installation of various flooring materials. you can trust us with installations, repairs, refurbishment, designs, and plans. The vast experience has helped us to understand our consumer needs so that we can deliver tailor-made products and services as per your request.

Close location

We have our stores in Allen, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Lewisville. We take our services to our customers at no extra cost. You can reach out to one of our salespeople for prompt assistance.


You will not find cheap flooring in Celina if not in All American Flooring. Our company does not only offer you free flooring cost estimates but also interest-free financing options if you qualify. We also provide a variety of options to help you work within your budget.

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