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Denton is among the fastest-growing cities in the USA. It is a fun city to live or visit, thanks to its annual music festivals that attract thousands of residents and non-residents. The city’s beauty is the craft of various technical experts, including architects and flooring companies in Denton.All American Flooring is a floor installation company in Denton, TX. We have been in the industry in Texas for over three decades. We install different floor types, including hardwood floors, vinyl, carpets, tiles, luxury vinyl, and laminate.
Are you searching for floor installation services in Denton, TX? Our staff will help you select a flooring design among the many options available because the wide range can be overwhelming. After settling on one design, we will give you a free estimate as we wait for your approval to install the floor. If you are in need of flooring in Denton, give our experts a call today.

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Hardwood floors have stood the test of time in beautifying homes. Common trees used for making hardwood floors include cherry, hickory, walnut, maple, and oak. There are two types of hardwood: solid and engineered wood. Solid wood is hardwood in its natural form while engineered wood has synthetic substitutions. Engineered wood is much cheaper than solid wood because it consists of a synthetic part and a hardwood part. If you want to add value to your property in Denton, TX, then consider installing a hardwood floor. Although it is expensive to install, homes with hardwood floors have a high resale value. All American has discounted wood flooring in Denton, TX.
Tiles are crafted from natural materials like sand, and clay and then baked, styled, and shaped. You can contact All American Flooring for tile floor installation in Denton, TX.  We have a team of experienced staff who are eager to serve you. Get in touch with our salespeople, installers, and designers for a stunning floor.
Vinyl flooring is waterproof and often installed in kitchens and bathrooms. Over the years, there have been advancements in luxury vinyl flooring, making it more durable and beautiful. There are different patterns to select from, with some designs resembling hardwood. Vinyl Planks are a popular flooring option in Denton.
There are two types of carpets: synthetic and natural materials. Carpets are a good option if you want noise and heat insulation. Moreover, carpets are anti-slip and suitable for young children. For discounted carpets in Denton, TX, contact our office for more information.
Laminate floors are a replica of hardwood floors. There are many designs of laminate flooring some with a wooden appearance. Therefore, if you are on a budget and you love the looks of hardwood, you can go for laminate floors in Denton, TX.

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