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The silent city of Forest Hill is one of the best to live in if you want to avoid the busyness of major cities. All American Flooring has been a consistent provider of flooring services to the local community for 30 years and counting. Our team of installers, designers, planners, and salespeople is always standby to serve you. We offer flooring installation, estimation, design, repair, and refurbishment. 
We offer free in-home flooring cost estimates to help you cut on your costs. All American Flooring has a rating of over 4.5 which is evidence enough of the quality of services we offer. To date, we have renovated over 25000 homes across Texas.  You can visit our offices to view any of the following flooring products and choose the one that best fits you.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood floors are not only classy but also highly durable. They can last for decades if well-maintained. The material comes from different species of trees like cider, mahogany, blue gum, among others. During installation, space should be left between the wall and the floor to allow for expansion and contraction when exposed to humidity. Hardwood flooring requires the assistance of an expert and at All American flooring, we are always ready to assist.

Tile flooring

Tiles are durable and also water resistant. Tile flooring is the most common in kitchens, washrooms, and laundry rooms. They are customizable to different colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

The material is purely synthetic. It is manufactured from PVC material. Luxury vinyl is not only an affordable flooring option but also highly durable. It is easy to install and maintain. It comes in a variety of colors, and textures to fit the theme of your building. The material can withstand the pressure of high traffic areas like offices.

Carpet Flooring

Carpets are a good option when it comes to insulation against sound and heat. They are installed to complement other materials like LVF and tiles. Carpet installation is also easy and they can last for long with proper care. However, they are not ideal for moisture-prone areas and damp rooms. Carpets come in variety of colors, textures, and patterns to match with the theme of your apartment.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is composed of both hardwood and quality plywood. The material comes at a lower cost than hardwood but retains the natural wooden appearance. It is ideal for most places apart from damp and moisture-prone areas because it can warp. Laminate floors are DIY-friendly if you trust your skills and you are good at using tools.

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