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Garland appeared in the “Top 100 Places to Live” list released by CNN in 2008. The city has also earned other accolades which give it a reputation. What do you expect of such a place? Definitely, you will love the environment. A good exterior goes hand in hand with stunning interiors. And that is where All American Flooring comes in to ensure the elegance is complete. If you are searching for the best flooring and carpet installation company in Garland TX, All American Flooring should be your first choice.
All American Flooring is your go-to store if you want affordable carpet in Garland, TX. We also offer free flooring cost estimates to potential clients for installation, restoration, and repair.

Carpet Installation and Much More

The thick planks of wood are curated to give them the ability to withstand pests. They give your apartment a classy and stylish outlook. If you also love nature or rustic appearance, hardwood flooring is something you should go by in Garland.

Hardwood floors are easy to clean because of their smooth texture. The wood varnish protects the material from absorbing water. However, hardwood floors are not ideal for damp or water-prone areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

The durability of tiles is undeniable. They are also easy to clean and ideal for water-prone areas like the bathroom. They are customizable to different shapes, colors, and sizes and suitable for high-traffic areas like offices, walkways, and driveways.

Are you looking for a reliable an tile floor installer in Garland, TX? Contact All American Flooring for affordable tile prices and flooring services.

This is a good substitute for hardwood flooring because it gives your house a wooden look. The material is cheaper than hardwood flooring and ideal for water-prone areas. LVF is also highly durable and can last for years, if not decades.

Our stores have the best luxury vinyl flooring materials from the top brands. The installation process is seamless and leaves your house with a stunning outlook. We fix the material properly to avoid peeling off or poor drainage.
Vinyl flooring is highly moisture resistant. It is made of plastic but has a wooden look. The material is cheap and ideal for business and residential apartments.

Carpets are the best option if you are planning to relocate from a place, but you want discounted and affordable flooring materials. They are easily removable. Another advantage of carpet installation in Garland, TX, is insulation against heat and sound. However, carpet cleaning is not an easy task and requires utmost care.

If you want some warmth in your house, you will never go long with carpets and rugs. Our carpet installers in Garland, TX, will do the wall-to-wall installation to enhance the beauty of your house and create a comfortable experience during winter.

Laminate Flooring

This is a composite material that is designed to look like natural wood. The material is ideal for most areas with its high strength, rigidity, and protection against damage. When it comes to a professional floor installation, there are a few factors you should consider for the best outcome.

If you are searching for cheap flooring in Garland, TX, laminate should be at the top of your list. It is ideal for most places and resistant to moisture and dampness.

Laminate flooring stands out because it can take different colors and mimic other flooring materials like stones, tiles, and wood. Are you searching for laminate flooring services near your location? Look no further because All American Flooring has got your back. Contact us for a free in-house laminate flooring estimate in Garland, TX.

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