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You can get all carpet, laminate, tile, vinyl, and hardwood flooring installation in Rockwall, TX, at affordable prices. Contact us for a good deal.

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Rockwall is known for its artificial wall appearance from which it derived its name. All American Flooring is a discount flooring store near Rockwall, TX, that was set up to accentuate the beauty of the city with amazing flooring solutions for the locals’ premises. Our three-decade presence in the flooring industry has given us an edge over our competitors as we have earned a great deal of experience in that period.
If you are a resident of Rockwall worry no more because we’ve got your back in all matters flooring. Here is a list of products that make our flooring company near Rockwall, TX, stand out from the rest.

Carpet, Vinyl Flooring in Rockwall, TX (and More)

For our clientele who favor rustic look for their space, hardwood flooring is the ideal option. The material is derived from natural wood and can last for decades. It can also be custom-made to suit your taste and preference. It has varieties to choose from such as Agrigento, English Pub, American Backdrop and Alehouse. You can contact us for the best deal in hardwood flooring in Rockwall, TX. Engineered Hardwood Floor is Also Available.
Tiles are a great option if you need a beautiful flooring option that will last for decades if not centuries. Not only are they easy to clean, but they are scratch resistant. You can use tiles to incorporate your ceiling, walls and floors for a beautiful design. We offer the best services on tile installation in Rockwall, TX. Visit us in our flooring store for quality tiles.
If you are looking for a floor that can withstand damp conditions, LVF (luxury vinyl flooring) is a great option for you. This is ideal for kitchen, washroom and other moisture-prone floors. It is also high-end and will leave your floor with an upmarket feel at a reasonably lower budget. For a professionally installed luxury vinyl floor in Rockwall, TX, contact us and we will not disappoint.
Do you want soft and warm floors for your home? Carpet is the answer. The beauty of the flooring is that you can rely on your skills to set it up. At All American Flooring, we have unmatched offers on carpet installation in Rockwall, TX.
This is a composite material made mainly from wood and it is highly durable. It is also ideal for insulation purposes and this goes a long way to keep you warm during the freezing winter periods. It is also a cheaper alternative to natural wood. Laminate flooring is not ideal for damp floor surfaces like kitchen and washroom.
Apart from the great products we offer, we are also keen on service and experience for our customers. Our team of experts will work with you to give you free flooring cost estimates. We also offer cheap repairs for your floors if you want an upgrade or floor restoration.

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