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If you want quality laminate, tile, carpet, vinyl, or laminate flooring installation in Southlake, Tx, All American Flooring should be your number 1 choice.

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Southlake is a contemporary city and a lively place to live or tour with master-planned neighborhoods. Other infrastructures like the Southlake Town Square make the city distinct. Southlake’s flooring industry plays a significant role in developing the city’s economy through professional floor installation.
All American Flooring was founded in 1989 to provide flooring installation services in Texas. Over the last 30 years, we have grown into a leading flooring company near Southlake, TX.  As we continue to grow, our underlying principles remain the same: working with our employees and other partners to deliver quality services. We install the following flooring types in Southlake, TX: hardwood, carpet, laminate, tiles, and vinyl.

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Hardwood floors have timeless beauty. A property with hardwood floor has a higher value in comparison to other floors. It is not complex to maintain hardwood floor as long as water spills are avoided. Noteworthy, hardwood floors are relatively expensive. The good thing is that they are durable. If you want engineered or solid hardwood floors in Southlake, TX, we are the best dealers. All American Flooring supplies quality wood flooring and offers reliable installation services.
As far as maintenance is concerned, you will never go wrong with tiles. Because of their waterproof features, they are usually installed in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. They are  poor insulators, therefore, they don’t fit in the living room and bedrooms unless one has area rugs. All American Flooring is the best tile flooring installation services in Southlake, TX.
Vinyl is a budget flooring type that also comes with low maintenance. It is available in tiles or rolls. Vinyl is easy to install. It is great for any room in the house because it is waterproof. However, it is not as durable as hardwood and tiles. As vinyl flooring installers in Southlake TX, we have a variety of designs that will fit any office, home or any other premise.
Carpet floors are popular because they are the most comfortable type of flooring, especially for kids. They are luxurious and warm creating a feeling of coziness. Another benefit of carpets is that they insulate a room which saves on energy. Carpets are also soundproof and slip-proof. However, carpets are difficult to maintain and  clean. We have a carpet store near Southlake, TX, with variety of colors, designs, and materials to choose from. Visit our showroom for a quick sample view. You can also contact us for installation services.
Because of modern advancements, laminate floorings are waterproof and can fit in any room in a house or other premises. Laminates are also easy to install. All American Flooring has laminate floors in a range of textures, colors, finishes to suit any interior theme.
All American Flooring is one of the best companies in Southlake, TX dealing with floor installation and product supply. Because we know the complexity of picking a floor, our experienced staff will take you through the process of floor selection. They will then give you a free estimate of the same. Feel free to contact us.

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