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Flooring Services in The Colony, Texas

All American Flooring offers laminate, luxury vinyl, carpet, tile, and hardwood flooring in The Colony, TX.

Flooring Services in The Colony, TX

The Colony, TX, is renowned for its Austin Ranch, a mixed-use real estate development. It comprises retail businesses, apartments, and condominiums. We are a flooring company near The Colony, TX, where we offer our installation services and product supply. For the three decades we have been operational in the neighborhood, we have set ourselves apart as the ultimate go-to experts in all matters flooring. All American Flooring has a combination of irresistible products and services.

Hardwood Flooring in The Colony, TX (and More)

Longevity is its forte. Records show that if well taken of, hardwood floors can last as long as five decades. You can do refinishing or sanding after a decade to restore the elegance. Hardwood flooring is also ideal for customers who want a rustic feel to their floors. They are relatively expensive but their elegance and beauty will melt your heart.
Tiles are a versatile flooring option. They come in different shapes, sizes and textures. Tile flooring is also great for damp surfaces such as the bathroom floors. They are easy to clean and maintain. You can choose the latest tile designs for your floor. For all tile installation in The Colony, TX, All American Flooring is the best company. We offer quality products that guarantee durability for years.
It is great for damp areas since it does not absorb moisture. Luxury vinyl flooring is also durable. The material can mimic wood and stone to give your house a stunning interior décor.  You can contact us for the best luxury vinyl flooring materials or installation services in The Colony, TX.
This is the best option to keep you warm. Carpets are easy to install, therefore, you do not need the additional cost of an expert to install. Its only disadvantage is that is hard to clean and can’t be used in moisture-prone rooms such as the bathroom.
The floors are made from a combination of materials mostly from wood. It is cheaper than hardwood but they have a close resemblance. Laminate floors are durable.

Durability of Products

Durability is the hallmark of our products. Laminate flooring will give you peace of mind because it will stay for the long overhaul. Hardwood for instance can last up to five decades if it is well taken care. The tiles only require proper and professional installation to last. Laminate flooring option has undergone various technological improvements which make it just as durable.


All American Flooring has the most competitive flooring prices in the Colony, TX. We have frequent offers which help you to cut the flooring cost. You can contact us to get a free flooring cost estimate to help you make the decision.

Professional services

Our team of experts possess high level of professional competency and experience. Therefore, we can deliver excellent flooring services in The Colony, TX, for all your projects. We also provide free flooring cost estimate for convenience in planning.

Ease of maintenance

Most of our flooring products are easy to maintain. Tiles are the easiest to clean and you do not require a professional to keep them in tip top condition. Apart from carpet, other options are easily maintained through mopping.

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