How to Maintain Carpets for Maximum Durability

Carpets are unique from other flooring types in that they are fabric and not hard surface flooring. Carpets are good for offices, living rooms, and bedrooms. They are used to create that cozy and luxurious feeling in a room.

Carpets also insulate a room better than any other type of flooring out there. Although they are good for homes with children, carpet care and maintenance is more involving in comparison to other flooring types. This is because they accumulate dust over time. The good thing is that carpet flooring maintenance is not rocket science. Here are some carpet floor maintenace tips:-

1. Prevent any Object From Damaging the Carpet

You need to be careful about what you place on your carpets to prevent dents and sharp objects from damaging them. Some carpets are very delicate and they get easily pierced by furniture. You can keep moving the furniture around to prevent the furniture from being on only one carpet spot for long.

2. Day to Day Carpet Maintenance Tips

Carpets need to be vacuumed if possible on a daily basis depending on the dirt they are exposed to. This is especially so for heavy traffic areas like living rooms and staircases. Bedrooms can be vacuumed once a week.

To keep carpets in good shape, they should never be folded but rolled. And as we know that prevention is better than cure, it is advisable to keep the carpet as clean as possible by avoiding stepping on carpets with any outdoor shoes.

3. Clean Spills on the Spot

Any spills on carpets should be cleaned on the spot to prevent them from drying and setting in. Dried spills are hard to remove on carpets and they will end up making the carpet be an eyesore especially if it is a bright color.

Here is how to clean spills on carpet floors. First, blot out the liquid and then get an absorbent material like a towel and place on the area to absorb the stain. Then place a heavy book or an item with some substantial weight on it. Keep replacing the absorbent material for five minutes or so until you are satisfied that most of the spill has been absorbed.

Then, use a light soap solution or carpet shampoo and warm soapy water to clean the area and avoid using brushes with rough bristles. Then dry the area using a hairdryer.

However, if it is a grease stain, the cleaning will be different. You will still need to absorb as much of the grease as possible before using a cleaning product specifically made for cleaning grease. Then dry the area using a hairdryer.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Plan

Every so often, you need to hire professional carpet maintenance services for thorough carpet cleaning. You need to hire professional cleaners who understand the nitty-gritty of carpet cleaning and they know how to clean different materials. The carpet cleaning company should have insurance and certification.

Some rooms like bedrooms can take up to 18 months without requiring  thorough cleaning while high traffic areas may need it twice or thrice a year.


Maintenance of a carpet doesn’t have to be expensive. If carpets are not well cleaned they can be a health risk because of inhalation of accumulated dust. Proper care and maintenance of carpet will extend its lifespan. If the carpet is not well maintained, it will get damaged and will require to be replaced.