How to Remove Odor From Concrete Floor

remove odor concrete floor

Pets form part of many families and bring joy and liveliness in households. However, the pet’s urine may be a concern to many. The stringent odor that comes with the pet’s urine may throw many brains into a turmoil trying to reason out how to remove the odor from concrete floor. If you have never had any experience of the same, urine can be stubborn to clean not only on the porous concrete floor but also on other flooring surfaces.

Cleaning pet odor from a concrete floor may be demotivating. Even if you were to re-do the process 100 times without some prior tricks, the result would be recurring. Fortunately, how to remove pet odor from concrete floors is made easy with the following simple steps.

Preparation of the floor surface

Preparation of the floor

It would be effortless and straightforward to work on clean and dust-free floor surface as compared to the dusty and littered one. Therefore, you should clean the floor off any debris or dirt. Ensure that the furniture is in a way to give ample space to remove the odor from concrete floor.

Remove any resinous substances stuck on the floor surface such as the previous carpet glue by scraping. Sweep off the scrapings and ensure the surface is tidy before starting. Working on a clean surface means that you will be free from messy mud that may form from a mixture of dust and the liquid odor remover. The clean working floor may not lead to forcing grim into the porous concrete surface.

Here is how you can remove pet order from concrete floor:

1. Use of an enzymatic solution

Since pets’ urine contains uric acid particles that are insoluble and sticks tightly to the floor surface, the use of regular cleaning agents such as soap and water will bear little or no success. This is because water and soap cannot bind with the uric acid crystals thus remain put. Therefore, no matter how many times you clean the spot, the odor will persist.

Knowing how to remove urine odor from concrete floors using an enzymatic cleaning solution will save you the energy and labor. You should buy enzymatic cleaners made specifically for pet urine. Do not trust the conventional cleaning products as the smell will only dissolve for a while.

To locate precisely the spots of odor, you can use UV or black light. For the case of UV light, the stained spots will appear to be yellowish or brownish. You can then mark the spots with chalk for effective treatment of the stain.

Treating the entire floor produces a better result than gambling the spots. Though locating the exact point of odor can also help to treat them a couple of times to ensure that the smell is eliminated. Treating the whole floor is the best way to remove pet urine odor from concrete floors. Also, entire floor treatment keeps your floor from appearing patchy and spotty. It will be better if your floor looks clean and lighter after treatment cleaning.

Pre-treatment of the concrete floor

Wear protective clothing to ensure no contact between the chemical and your skin as some of the heavy duty-cleaners such as Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) are highly corrosive and damaging to the skin. Then, mix a half-cup of TSP for every one gallon in a bucket of hot water. Alternatively, you can use a solution of white vinegar at a ratio of 2:1 and mix properly. Using vinegar is a cheap way to remove odor from concrete floor.

Pour the cleaning solution on the floor and scrub using a tough brush. You will notice that the smell grows strong as you continue pre-treating the floor. Leave the solution to stay for at least five minutes and add more water or solution to keep it wet for more actions. Pour hot water on the treated area and vacuum up all the water to remove excess TSP and leave the floor to dry overnight. If you used a carpet cleaner, you can add more water in the tank and run a rinse removal cycle.

Treating the concrete floor

Prepare the enzymatic solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions and saturate the place with the cleaner. Work on small portions to ensure accuracy. The use of clean deck or the household sprayer will make your work easier. Repeat the process once the floor is dry. Apply a sealant to your floor to completely keep off the odor.

This procedure can serve best to remove cat urine odor from concrete floor among other odors. Never let your pets’ odor chock your visitors as you can quickly eliminate the foul smell at home with little hassle. Make use of the tricks and redeem your self-esteem and comfort.


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