How to Wax Ceramic Tile Floors

Ceramic tiles are among the most predominant flooring materials in both residential and commercial apartments. The tiles are available in a wide range of color, shape and size. To wax ceramic tiles is an essential floor maintenance practice that makes the floor shiny and more attractive. Moreover, waxing makes the ceramic tiles waterproof, stain-resistant and creates a non-slip surface. However, you will have to go for the best wax for ceramic tile floors to make your floor mirror with elegance. Do you know how to wax ceramic tile floors? If not, then you needn’t worry. Applying ceramic tile wax is a simple exercise that requires no brainer to do. You will only need to be keen on the procedure and be careful during the application process. The following steps will help you get your house polished hassle-free.

Floor preparation

Before you wax ceramic tile, make the floor surface clean to keep you working on an obstruction-free surface.  At times, wax can may build up on the floor surface, and that’s why it is advisable to strip off the old wax before applying a new layer. You can strip using vinegar solution mixed with warm water and a mop for cleaning the floor surface.  You will have to remove all the furniture and rags, if any, to leave a free space for working. Using a broom or a dust mop, remove all the dust off the floor surface and put on clean footwear to prevent the spreading of dirt from the previous shoe over the clean floor surface.

How to strip old wax From ceramic floor tiles

  1. Pour a half-cup full of white vinegar in a gallon of warm water and mix thoroughly.
  2. Plan your routes as the stripping solution makes the floor very slippery to walk on when wet. To make your work easier, start from the far end moving towards the door.
  3. Dip the mop into the stripping solution and wring it to avoid spilling the excess solution on the floor and mop the surface using a mop, preferably a strip mop or any other mop available. Move the mop over the floor surface in a circular motion.
  4. Make a new batch of the stripping solution when the one in the bucket turns dirty. Scrub your floor uniformly and leave the stripping solution to stay for about ten minutes. Do not leave the solution to dry.
  5. Fill another bucket with water and get a clean mop to use. Wash your floor and rinse several times to ensure you have removed all the stripping solution off the floor.
  6. Clean all the tools and equipment that were in use and let your floor to dry completely before embarking on the waxing process. Do not commence the waxing process when the drying process is not complete as the moisture will prevent the wax from completely attaching to the floor tiles. When your floor is completely dry, you can proceed with the waxing process.

How to wax ceramic tile floor

There are two types of floor wax available in the market.  You can purchase either purchase liquid wax for ceramic tiles or solid paste wax for ceramic tiles. Below is the procedure of getting the glittering appearance onto your room space.

  1. Decide on the type of wax to apply, whether liquid or solid paste.
  2. Use a flat wax applier mop for solid paste wax or a sponge mop for the liquid wax.
  3. Use a new flat wax applier mop or a new sponge mop to avoid getting dirt onto the new floor wax. The dust will compromise the quality of your new floor coating.
  4. Ensure you have lined your mop bucket with a trash bag to prevent the wax from caking on the bucket, making it unfit for future use. This step is only for use with a sponge mop. If you choose to use wax applicator, skip the step.
  5. Immerse a sponge mop into the wax to get waxed. Alternatively, you can pour some wax onto the upper surface of a flat wax applicator. Ensure to have enough wax on your mop. Do not let it be too dry or too waxy to drip the excess wax on the ceramic tiles.
  6. Start applying your wax from the interior end of the room towards the door to avoid crossing the waxy surface when getting out of the room.
  7. When one section is complete, you can mop over it with broad stripes to give it a smooth appearance.
  8. Let your floor coating to dry for about an hour and repeat the process for the second coat.
  9. Leave the final coat to dry while you wash all the tools and equipment that were in use.
  10. Buff the floor if the manufacturer recommends on the user guide. If no buffing is required, let the floor dry for about 8 hours before returning the furniture.

Always remember to use soft mops and soft microfiber brooms to clean the floor. Use of hard brooms and rough mops may erode the wax on ceramic tile surface and cause scratches that may turn unappealing over your room space.