Little known flooring fun facts

The floor is one of the most integral parts of the house. Without the floor we literally can’t have a house. Yet we always take it for granted. We step on it ungratefully all year long oblivious of the interesting facts that the floor possess. In this article, sit tight as we enlighten you about the little known flooring facts.

Carpet flooring fun facts

  1. Can you imagine that the pre-historic man also had a carpet? The pre-historic man made carpets using twisted grass, plants and animal hair. I bet they were just as stylish as our modern era carpets.
  2. The oldest carpet ever recorded is the Pazyryk carpet that was excavated by archaeologists in 1949 on the Atlai Mountain in Serbia. Radiocarbon tests indicate that it was woven in the 5th century.
  3. Do you know that a rug and a carpet is just the same thing? The only difference is that a rug is a carpet that is 40 square feet or less.
  4. Are you aware that failure to vacuum your carpet for a year can lead to accumulation of a lot of skin flakes, dust and dirt amounting to several kilos? Come to think of it, a human sheds a million skin flakes a day and almost all of them settle on the carpet.
  5. The first vacuum cleaners were invented in the year in the 19th century. They used to run on coal and were difficult to use. In fact they required more than one person to operate them. At the time of their invention, the sellers also had a hard time selling the vacuum cleaners. This is because people felt offended that the sellers implied that their carpets are dirty!
  6. The word ‘swept under the rug’ was first used in 1963.
  7. The red carpet has existed since 458 B.C. It was invented by a man called Aeschylus. It was mainly used when making ceremonies and they were fondly used by politicians at the time just as today.
  8. Placing an outdoor rug on your doorstep goes a long way to prevent dirt from entering your house.
  9. The word ‘carpet’ was derived from a Latin word called ‘carpere’ which means ‘to pluck’. This is because carpets were initially made from plucked fabric

Hardwood and bamboo flooring fun facts

  1. One of the most intriguing fun facts about the hardwood floors is that every floor is unique. Every tree has its own unique texture, color, pattern and mass. This makes every hardwood floor incredibly unique from another. It is just like fingerprints where everyone has his or her own unique fingerprints.
  2. Can you believe that installing hardwood floors on your home improves the resale value of your property? Most real estate agents intimate that houses with hardwood floors sell faster and fetch a better resale value than the ones without the hardwood floors.
  3. Are you in need of a flooring option that is more allergy-friendly? Then the hardwood floor is the best option for you. Unlike the carpet which has the ability to hide the allergy causing and havoc wreaking organisms, hardwood is bacteria free. This is due to its smooth surface and ease of maintenance.
  4. One of the most interesting bamboo flooring facts is that it is harder than most hardwood floors. They are also a great and cheaper alternative to the expensive hardwood. Some bamboo species such as Janka are harder than the red oak and maple. In Japan bamboo is used for industrial scaffolding due to its sheer strength. If you are a martial artist, never use bamboo for your board breaking demonstration because we all know how it will end.

Vinyl and laminate flooring fun facts

  1. If you are of the school of thought that vinyl and linoleum flooring are the same, then you are wrong. They are as different as day and night. While vinyl are synthetic and are always derived from petroleum products, linoleum floors are made from natural products. The main ingredients for linoleum floor manufacturing are the linseeds and tree resins.
  2. Do you know that laminate floors are just an extension of plastic counter tops? The best of the laminate flooring facts is that they are usually durable than plastics and they are aesthetically appealing. Another great advantage that they have is that they come in great designs and patterns.

The world’s most expensive floor and other fun facts

  1. The world’s most expensive floor is made of diamonds. It costs around $10 million for for 10 square feet without factoring in the installation costs. It was created by an artist called Pietra Firma. Each tile has 95 cut diamond and they are designed such that the diamonds form a petal pattern that encircles a circle.
  2. The Abraj Al Bait Towers in Saudi Arabia holds the world record with the largest floor space. It has a floor area of 1,500,000 square meters.
  3. Do you know that you can remove wax from the floor using iron box and a paper bag? Place the bag over the wax and try to make the wax stick on the bag using the iron and viola you are done.
  4. Cork, anyone? Many of us know corks as bottle stoppers especially wine bottles. Well it turns out that we are wrong. Cork has been found to be a very good ingredient of making tiles which are durable, easy to clean while leaving your floor elegant and stylish. It is also a good sound absorbent material
  5. The bathroom floor tends to be the dirtiest floor in any given home.
  6. Granite floors are the hardest flooring options. This is because granite is the second hardest substance on earth after diamond. These sturdy floors are also easy to clean and as you guess they will virtually last forever.

The twenty one fun facts are just a drop on the ocean in matters flooring. We are glad that you learnt something new in our article. If you are a Texas resident, visit us at All American Flooring and we believe that it will be fun as we decorate your floors with the different flooring options we have in store.

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