The Best Garage Flooring Materials

A garage is the busiest room in any premise. By the fact that it houses tons of heavy, pounding, sharp equipment and machines calls for a sound decision making on the flooring option. I mean, let’s be sincere; the fact that you want your garage to have an impressive outlook shouldn’t compromise the best garage flooring- which should withstand pressure. Factors such as resilience, durability, stain resistance, and cost should be a priority. Choosing a fallible flooring may turn ugly and costly than you expected. Below are the top priority materials for you.

Porcelain flooring tiles

It is a flooring material made from clay, ceramic and may be compounded with other binders. The material can be either glazed or non-glazed. Porcelain tiles are among the numerous luxurious flooring materials dominating the flooring industries due to their unmatched characteristics. The tiles are available in a wide range of colors, size, shapes, and texture.

Tons of people who have used the flooring material before would confess that it’s among the top garage flooring. The material is highly resistant to chemicals, stains, road salt, impact, and water. Mechanic garages, driving through portico and manufacturing plants are real examples of porcelain flooring at work.

Through glazing, the material is coated with anti-fungal that protects the surface against the microbial growth such as mold when in damp condition. Moreover, you should not worry about the repair as the material easily allows for spot repair of the broken tiles. It is advisable to keep some extra matching tiles to avoid miss-match of the replaced tiles.

However, most porcelain flooring materials are somewhat slippery when wet. The grout between tiles may also be stained when cleaning is done improperly. Even though the material is cheap and affordable, the high labor cost for the flooring installation may raise the cost of the total venture.

Concrete flooring

Concrete flooring is one of the oldest flooring material that has maintained its market relevance over the years. It is the cheapest flooring materials compared to other commercial flooring options. With the current technological advancements, a broad spectrum of concrete stains with fascinating appearances are in the market.

Epoxy floor coatings application enhances the sturdiness of the concrete flooring surface. The epoxy creates a hard-wearing surface and durable surface that can withstand continuous heavy traffic subjected to the garage floor. Also, it creates a shiny high-gloss surface that makes the flooring surface to glitter. Moreover, the epoxy creates a seamless surface that is resistant to oil and water stains.

With the addition of anti-slip, epoxy enhances floor safety. Also, the material is DIY-friendly since it doesn’t require cutting, adhesives, or any other special equipment to install. Lastly, the flooring is smooth and easy to clean, with no or little maintenance required.

Stone flooring

Stone is one of the oldest flooring materials that still sell competitively in the market. The demand for flooring stone tiles has skyrocketed due to its natural beauty and authenticity that simulates nature. The material is hard and resistant to wear and tear that is a common phenomenon in a garage. It is fireproof and highly durable. The tiles are also available in different shapes, sizes, texture, and thickness.

 However, stones lack uniformity in appearance and require sealant application due to their porous surface. Also, the material is available in a limited range of colors compared to other flooring tiles such as porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, and luxury vinyl tiles. Besides, stone tiles are relatively expensive compared to the tiles that exist in the market. The tiles are resistant to damaged and can be refinished to give a fresher look.

Answering the question of what is the best garage flooring may attract multiple responses. But if you aim to get the most durable, fantastic appearance and the long-lasting flooring material, the above flooring options are meticulous. You can choose your perfect fit depending on the cost, quality, and ease to install.