Timeline and Quoting Process — What to Expect

Many factors go into the All American Flooring quoting process, such as the initial consultation, steps in determining a personalized quote for you and installation of your new floor. Knowing what to expect before requesting a quote gives you a bird's eye view of the process and helps you plan your project accordingly. Our flooring team will swiftly set the ball in motion once you request a floor quote from us in Texas.

What Is Involved in Our Floor Design Consultation?

Once you reach out to us and request an estimate, the consultation process commences. The consultation enables us to get a better idea of what you're looking for, along with your lifestyle, flooring needs and preferences. It also allows us to assess your living space and evaluate how much foot traffic you have and to what degree. With this consultation, we'll provide customized recommendations tailored to your home.

Time Estimates

A typical design consultation can take 30 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the scope and degree of the project. We may work with a smaller space or a much bigger area and will need to assess other factors. We'll also measure the area and discuss your style tastes.

How Much Do Consultations Cost?

We take pleasure in providing you with a free consultation. Our team values you as a client and wants you to be pleased with the assessment and proposals that we've developed with you.

Differences in Consultations for Installations vs. Products Only

The primary consultation processes for products only and installation are almost exactly the same. For flooring products, we'll discuss your preferences and match the products to your existing decor or work with you for something different. For installations, we'll also do measurements, tailor the estimations and provide installation coordination services.

You can enjoy more convenience and a seamless process when you purchase floor materials and have these installed by All American Flooring. Benefits include:

Our Flooring Consultation Process

All American Flooring values your time and input and aims to make the consultation process easy, convenient and informative. Once you reach out to us through text or phone or visit our showroom, the process begins. The two steps include:

  1. Initial consultation: One of our friendly and professional flooring specialists will chat with you and gather information about the flooring you need. They'll take into account the product you're interested in, your color choices and your flooring preferences. Based on this information, they'll gather suitable samples to bring to your home and book an appointment.
  2. In-home consultation: Our flooring specialist will accurately measure your space on the day of the appointment. Precise measurements ensure fair pricing and minimize waste. Afterward, we'll discuss different flooring options with you that we tailor to your home, needs and preferences.

What Our Flooring Quotations Entail

The quoting process involves determining how much your project will cost based on meticulous measurements and objective factors. For fairness and accuracy, we take great care in determining a transparent, workable quote.

The steps of our quoting process include:

  • Measurements and selection: Our friendly and knowledgeable flooring specialist does the measurements and selection during your in-house consultation.
  • Tailored quote: We'll build a detailed quote for you once you select your preferred products. We understand new flooring is an investment and want to empower you by giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and lifestyle.
  • Walk-through and approval: We'll take you through every step of the installation, explain the process and address your questions or concerns. Once you approve the quote, we'll start transforming your home.

Flooring Installations

Our physical work begins in the installation process, which is when we work on your floor to bring your vision to life.

Why Choose All American Flooring?

An All American Flooring quote comes with a 110% unbeatable price guarantee, assuring you that you're getting the best deal possible for your project. This guarantee demonstrates our commitment to giving you competitive pricing and unmatched value.

Enjoy a Seamless Process Every Time With All American Flooring

From your first contact with us to the final inspection, we'll walk with you to ensure a smooth process. Our team also provides superior floor installations, leveraging our decades of industry experience and unparalleled customer service. We want you to be more than satisfied with your new floor — schedule your free in-home estimate today and see why thousands of clients prefer All American Flooring as their flooring expert of choice.