when should you schedule a major flooring project?

House remodeling is inevitable if you want to make your home to shine with a renewed elegance. With that said, flooring should be part of the project. Since the floor hosts almost everything in the house, its appearance may have a significant impact on visual appeal. Thus, maintaining the beauty of your floor should be a priority.

Signs That Will Show It’s Time to Renovate Your Floor

How long have you stayed in that house? If you stay in a home for more than five years, you’ll notice that your flooring continue to lose its elegance with time. However, this shouldn’t be the reason for your displeasure as we can fix it real quick. With over 30 years of service as a flooring company in Texas, we’ve discovered numerous reasons to why our clients decide to carry out floor remodeling. Regardless of your goals, the following are some of the common reasons that may make you consider major floor remodeling.

1. To upgrade the outdated designs

When you are living in vintage or inherited house, you may get blasted with a feel of the past. Such floors may not keep up with the current trends in the market. This may call for a floor renovation if rustic design is not your thing. Alternatively, if you prefer a rustic feel, you can as well keep it to maintain sentimental value. But, you’ll still need maintenance services to keep its pretty look.

2. To fix old and faulty fixtures

Cracks on old tiles and concrete floors may at times turn into floor safety threat. Be it in your living room, kitchen, dining, bedroom, or on your corridors. When you note that the issues are getting out of hand, schedule for a major flooring project.

3. Structural indication

When you notice some serious structural problems such as the sinking floors or huge cracks, it’s time to act. With such conspicuous issues, you shouldn’t hesitate to schedule for major flooring project to fix them before they turn disastrous.

Other problems that may necessitate scheduling of a major flooring project include termites damaging your wood flooring and plumbing faults. With the knowledge of the indicators necessitating floor remodeling, your task becomes pretty easy.

The Best Time to Schedule Major Home Remodeling Projects

Knowing the most convenient time for floor remodeling is essential even when it comes to engineering of flooring cost. Cost engineering entails using a combination of the available alternative to get the best material that suits your pocket to have your flooring work done cheaply. On the other hand, knowing the best time to carry out your flooring projects is time and cost-saving. Below are the best times to schedule your flooring project.

1. Remodeling before home resale

When you want to sell your home, the most troubling thought will always be on ways to earn the most from the resale. Thus, you would do all that is possible to upgrade your home resale value. Carrying out major improvement on your floor is with no doubt one of the best ways to increase your home resale price. In most cases, home appraisers tend to assign value-based on the quality of your flooring when they are bogged down with the intricacies of a home sale. Therefore, carrying out major home remodeling is strongly recommended. Would that work for you?

2. During flash sales of flooring products

Demand and supply determine the cost of flooring materials. With such, there exist days that people purchase flooring products at a higher price. Conversely, the prices may also drop in other days. However, when the demand drops, some companies, wholesalers, and retailers may revert to clearance sales to get particular flooring products out of stock. If you would want to cut down the cost of your flooring project drastically, you should make use of the flash sales. With that said, scheduling your major flooring projects during flash sales is an incredible idea.

3. During holidays

Scheduling your major flooring project during holidays is another excellent idea to try out in your next flooring project. During the holidays most of the family members are at home. And could help in doing some of the tasks that you could pay to have them done. Free family labor can play a critical role in preparing the flooring as well as preparing the rooms ready for new flooring installation.

4. During off-seasons

These are times of the year when the contractors have few projects to handle. As such, it is the opportune time to have significant home improvements project done. Knowing about the best time to carry out home floor improvement isn’t only about material cost but also about your contractor’s availability. Just like in a restaurant, your ordered sandwich may come with the extra pickles missing if you made the order during the hotel’s busiest time.  The same scenario may apply to floor contractors. Even though it may seem foolhardy to enter into some projects during the off-season, proper planning makes it work correctly. In addition to having your work perfectly done during the off-season, you may also enjoy cheap flooring prices. Despite the advantages of having your job done during this time, scheduling exterior improvement projects may seem tricky due to the unpredictability of weather.

5. When there are enough funds

Floor remodeling project requires funds to cater for every step to completion. Thus, you should schedule for your major flooring projects during the time that you have an adequate amount of money required to have the work done.