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Mansfield, Texas was ranked as the number seventeen best place to live by CNN Money magazine in 2014. That is not all; currently, Mansfield ranks in position 15 as far as affluence is concerned in Texas cities. >As a key player in the development of Mansfield and other Texas cities, we continue to employ our services to take Mansfield to higher heights. Our three-decade experience in the flooring industry in the Texas area attests to this fact.
It is imperative to consider various factors when installing flooring in a room. You have to consider feet traffic, water resistance, warmth, durability, and cost, to mention but some. Here is a brief overview of the different  materials in our  flooring store near Mansfield, TX.

Carpet & Laminate Flooring Installation in Mansfield, TX

We offer various types of flooring in Mansfield. Go through all different flooring types below and if you still can’t decide on what’s best for you, give our friendly and knowledgeable experts a call or sign up for a free flooring quote!
Carpets remain to be the softest flooring type. They are also soundproof, especially in apartments or homes with more than one floor. Carpets work as energy savers by insulating a room. They prevent the cold from seeping through your floors. Modern innovations are inventing more durable brands. However, their main challenge is attracting dust. Apart from vacuuming, carpets also need regular cleaning by professional cleaners to remove dirt and grime.
Advanced technology has led to laminate floors that are water-resistant, therefore, more durable. However, they are not as durable as hardwood or tiles. Our company has many designs of laminate flooring near Mansfield, TX, to choose from. Some are exact imitations of wood and stone. Check out our laminate flooring in Mansfield.
A property with hardwood floors usually attracts a high market value. Hardwoods have a never-ending beauty. Hardwoods are also easy to maintain because they only need regular sweeping and mopping. Apart from that, hardwood floors are highly durable, lasting for years if not decades. Worth noting, they can be expensive to purchase and install. After 10 years, hardwood requires refinishing to restore its glow. Click here for our section on  hardwood flooring in Mansfield.
Three outstanding characteristics of tiles make them one of the best flooring materials:  easy to maintain, waterproof and durable. These features make tiles an ideal flooring type for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and any other water-prone room. They are also hygienic and a suitable flooring type for restaurants. Tiles have disadvantages too. They are heavy and this factor has to be considered when installing them upstairs. They are also cold and not ideal for the winter period. Our Tile Flooring In Mansfield Can Be Found Here.
Luxury vinyl flooring has many advantages. They are easier to install than tiles. In addition to that, they are warmer than tiles. They are also sound-proof for a more quiet atmosphere. Luxury vinyl floors are easy to maintain with sweeping, vacuuming, and regular mopping. However, as far as cost is concerned, some brands are as expensive as hardwood. You can contact All American Flooring for a deal on all flooring products. Looking for vinyl flooring in Mansfield? Click Here!

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