Prepare For Winter With These Warm Floors

Winter colds are unforgiving. Walking barefoot especially in cold winter can be a very chilling and uncomfortable experience. The best floors are those that give comfort underfoot and provide coziness. Here are some of the best warm flooring options for the cold winter weather.

  • Carpet floors

Carpets are a great option for a cozy and warm floor. They have become popular for comfort especially high traffic areas such as living rooms and family rooms for many years now. Carpets with long and thick threads are the best option for a warm floor. This is because they are effective in protecting against cold and help prevent heat loss since they contain fiber that has the ability to trap warmth for a cozy feel. There are some drawbacks that are associated with carpets though. They are not ideal for people with allergies, pets tend to destroy them and they are prone to get dirty easily and carpet cleaning is not necessarily cheap.

  • Engineered wood

Though hardwood is not the warmest floors in the market, it is also warm in its own right. Engineered wood is a very stable material that does not react to extreme temperature and humidity change. This quality makes it suitable for American climate because of our extremely cold winter climates. For the best engineered wood deals in the market, give us a visit in our warehouse if you are a resident of Texas, Dallas Fort Worth.

  • Luxury vinyl and cork

Although they do not retain warmth as much as carpets, luxury vinyl and cork floors are also suitable for the cold winter weather. Cork in particular is great for humid surfaces and it is also great for insect repulsion. Cork is air-tight and this makes it to retain heat and therefore great for warm floors. Luxury vinyl floors are also great options for warm floors. There is a variety of luxury vinyl flooring options to choose from. Check out our website for the best deals on luxury vinyl and cork flooring options.

  • Tile flooring

Tiles are mostly associated with cold floors. However, the same quality that makes them icy cold can be used to make them warm your floor effectively. This can be achieved by floor warming systems which are placed under the tiles. This option is expensive though due to the heating system. The greatest benefit with tiles is that they are great for moisture prone areas such as warm kitchen and warm bathroom flooring options.

  • Laminate flooring

This flooring option has become exceptionally popular with homeowners since it looks like hardwood floor but at a cheaper price. It is a great option for cold climates since it does not expand or contract with changes in temperature and moisture.

For warm flooring options that will help you withstand the excruciating cold in the winter period, pay us a visit or contact us using our email or website and we will gladly give you the best and the warmest flooring options.