Top 5 Flooring trends 2020 in Texas

Our lives are dynamic. The statement is especially true for the 21st century. New inventions, technologies and discoveries continue to make our lives better. The same is true with the flooring industry. Different designs, styles and trends are always developed. Here we highlight the top 5 flooring trends 2021 that continue to shape the flooring industry.

Trends in the Flooring Industry in Texas

1. Environmental conscious products

Everyone wants to contribute to environmental conservation, what with the raging talks about environmental change and global warming. In 2020, designs and products that are obtained from natural, recycled and sustainable sources have been a hit. Engineered wood, bamboo, cork and reclaimed wood are some of the best options in 2020. Cork is derived from the bark of the oak tree and it can regenerate after harvest.

2. Hardwood flooring trends

Hardwood flooring which has been the most preferred flooring option has been modified considerably in 2020. Homeowners in this age and time do not have a problem with a little bit of experimenting. Fumed wood floors, bleached wood and distressed wood options have been the leading hardwood floor trends in 2021. Fumed hardwood floors are made as a result of exposing it to the airborne ammonia in a chamber in a process called fuming.

Bleached wood variety is a result of a process called blanching. This is a process by which a chemical solution is used on the surface of the wood to remove the dark brown color. This leaves the wood with an ashy appearance but still maintains the elegance of the hardwood. Distressed wood on the other hand is a design in which the wood is deliberately altered to look aged so as to give your floor a rustic look. Visit our website to have a look at a wide array of hardwood options we have.

3. Kitchen as the main highlight of 2020

The kitchen has undergone some revolution. The kitchen has nowadays become the bonding place for families. In 2020, many homeowners have used the kitchen to express their sense of style. Bamboo, concrete, vinyl and laminate flooring options have become particularly popular kitchen flooring trends in 2021. Many homeowners are looking for inexpensive, durable, contemporary and easy to clean options for their kitchen floors. Most of these flooring options usually tick these boxes and have proven to be a massive hit with homeowners in 2020.

4. Tile flooring trends

Tiles are great for your floors and their popularity with homeowners in 2020 attests to that. From hexagonal-shaped tiles to graphic tiles and large porcelain tiles. Tiles have evolved from just being regular flooring options to artistry works of sorts. Manufacturers have a wide range of patterns, sizes and shapes that have become a hit with homeowners. Many living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and even bedrooms this year have become art canvases for creative homeowners.

5. Carpet trends

Carpets have come a long way as a flooring option. Carpet trends  2020 witnessed a big breakthrough. Waterproof carpets have been invented and homeowners absolutely love them. Other carpets with different colors, textures, fabrics and materials were developed in 2020 to give you a luxurious and safe flooring solution.

In conclusion, in 2020 homeowners want unique flooring patterns that will suit their own tastes and preferences. This has been the driving force behind the different innovations that have shaped 2020 flooring trends.